Skincare and Sun Damage| Summer Months

Skin Clinic Advice on Summertime Skin Care, Wrinkles and Fraxel DUAL

Beauty and a youthful appearance are paramount in society, which you may be attempting to achieve or maintain with exercise, a healthy diet and a skin care regimen that includes daily sunscreen application and wrinkle treatment. However, consulting with a board certified dermatologist and skin clinic for advice is often times necessary to achieve your

Clear Skin| Dealing With Acne - Treatment and Maintenance

Skin Clinic Tips: How to Break Three Bad Skin Care Habits

SKIN CLINIC TIPS ON BREAKING BAD BEAUTY HABITS The desire to create or maintain a more youthful appearance is widespread in Los Angeles. Innovations in technology at skin clinics offer various options to address specifics with both surgical and nonsurgical treatments. However, beauty starts with healthy habits. FineTouch Dermatology skin clinic offers advice on what

Skin Conditions - Excessive Sun Exposure| Poikiloderma

Why Finding a Los Angeles Dermatologist is Important to Diagnose Skin Conditions

Finding a Los Angeles dermatologist is helpful to keep your skin glowing and wrinkle-free with an even complexion. Since a youthful appearance and anti-aging treatments are so important to improve appearance or maintain skin, dermatologists in Los Angeles are an excellent resource to diagnose skin conditions and improve your skin. Though you may try to

Clear Skin| Dealing With Acne - Treatment and Maintenance

Simple Products for Beauty and Skincare: Part 3

Simple products for beauty and skincare fixes are abundant throughout your home as common household items. These products work double-duty on common ailments such as heartburn and irritated skin. Many of them also improve overall skin health and wellbeing. These simple products for beauty and skincare are also cost-effective and dermatologist approved. If your skin

Dr. U| Sanusi Umar MD - Board Certified Dermatologist

Los Angeles Dermatologist Dr. Sanusi Umar

Beauty and a youthful appearance are paramount in Los Angeles. Many residents try to achieve or maintain both beauty and youthfulness with exercise, a healthy diet and skin care regimen. However, often times consulting with a Los Angeles dermatologist and undergoing a treatment regimen is necessary to achieve certain goals. Numerous treatment and procedures are available

Male Patient Before FUE Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow Hair Transplant Uses 300 FUE Grafts of Leg Hair

This patient had genetically thin eyebrows and wanted to do something about it. They made him feel self-conscious, especially after his brother teased him about their sparseness. Over the years, they continued to grow thinner and thinner. The patient, an advocate of health and fitness, says, “I want to look and feel good. I really

Tom Joyner Radio Show Talks to Dr. Umar About Hair Transplant and Hair Loss

When people think of dermatology, they tend to associate conditions of the skin. Acne, wrinkles, eczema, rosacea, and many other skin ailments are entrusted to dermatologists for treatment. However, this field of medicine also covers anything to do with the nails and hair. When people endure sudden hair loss, scalp irritation, genetic baldness, etc. they

Finding a Dermatologist in Los Angeles

Finding a good dermatologist can be a tricky business. Especially in Los Angeles, where demand for beautiful skin is high, and dermatologists are plentiful. Who can you trust? People seek the expertise of dermatologists for all types of skin, hair, and nail conditions; from acne, to laser tattoo removal, to anti-aging treatments like Botox, to

The Cause, Prevention and Treatment of Wrinkles

Anyone who wants to diminish the appearance of creases, lines and sagging should learn about: What causes fine and deep lines Ways to prevent further signs of aging Possible wrinkle treatment options. Individuals are different in how they are predisposed for wrinkles. Different ethnic groups, for example, display different physiological patterns as their skin ages.