The Lutronic VRM iii Spectra laser is an effective photo-acoustic, non-ablative skin rejuvenation system that can be used to treat issues for many different skin types & indications such as:

1) Dull texture

2) Wrinkles

3) Acne

4) Enlarged pores

5) Pigmented lesions (including age spots & melasma)

Additionally, the Spectra laser is also a highly effective tool for removing tattoo designs consisting of single or multiple colors.

Tattoo Removal Process| Spectra Laser

Tattoo image being lightened by the Spectra laser*

Spectra laser’s technology includes the ability to switch between different beam profiles

  • Flat Top Beam Profile
  • Top Hat Beam Profile

The Spectra Laser Facial Peel & How It Works

The Spectra laser uses the 1064nm wavelength. This energy can be used to not only gently exfoliate the outer  layer, but also to tone and firm the skin by promoting the formation of new collagen.

Spectra is safe for all skin tones since it is rather resistant to being absorbed by melanin outside the treatment areas.

Despite the gentle nature of the treatments, laser peel and toning through the Spectra laser is capable of producing powerful and highly controllable results.

During a facial peel procedure, a carbon based lotion called Levulan is applied on the skin’s surface.  This helps the Spectra wavelengths to enter the skin’s pores.

The carbon reacts with the long pulse laser energy to create small explosions on the surface of the skin, including the pores.

This causes the outer layer of the skin to start peeling. Pores become unblocked. Less oil is produced since the laser will burn away the outer layer of the sebaceous glands.

Heat from this process stimulates the production of new collagen fibers. This tightens the area around the skin’s pores, enabling them to become smaller.

The end effect of a Spectra laser peel is comparable to a chemical peel. However these procedures are much safer.  This is because the doctor can control how deep the laser energy will penetrate. The action of chemicals, on the other hand are much less predictable.

Spectra Laser Facial Peel – Los Angeles Patient Photos

This Los Angeles patient wanted to reverse the effects of sun damage on her skin to achieve a more youthful look. Dr. Umar used the Spectra laser followed by the Fraxel Dual laser to help her achieve what she wanted.

She noticed that her treatments cleared away a few dry patches of skin, which she had for years. Also other people noticed a difference on her skin, including strangers.

Spectra laser results on patient| skin rejuvenation with multiple laser types

Los Angeles patient’s before and after pictures. Spectra was used to help improve her skin’s texture.*

Patient Video

More  information available about this video is available here.

Spectra Laser Facial Peel Services in Los Angeles

The Spectra laser facial peel is a wonderful tool for enabling your skin to achieve reliable and positive changes. If you are interested in improving your skin’s texture, acne, pores and fine lines,  sign up for a free consultation at Fine Touch Dermatology. This is a wonderful chance for you to ask questions and learn more about what a Spectra laser peel can do for your skin.  Fill out our consultation form at the top of the page. Or call us at 877-337-6424