Rosacea is a chronic condition where the skin becomes red due to enlarged blood vessels.  If it is not addressed through medical treatment, symptoms will progress. This includes:

1)      Acne like bumps

2)      Thickened skin around the nose area.

3)      Enlarged facial blood vessels and facial flushing


What Causes Rosacea

Rosacea is caused by a genetic predisposition. This results in sensitivity to environmental triggers such as:

1)      Certain foods

2)      Sun light

3)      Emotional stress

4)      Extreme temperatures

Rosacea symptoms of redness and flushing will flare up for several weeks and then subside.

Treatment For Rosacea

Although genetics is the main underlying cause, it is still possible to stop the episodes of redness from occurring.

Fine Touch Dermatology offers the Vbeam laser which is the most effective treatment for the redness associated with Rosacea. It specializes in clearing away unwanted blood vessels. Several treatments are often needed.

This laser uses the 585-595nm wavelengths which are ideal for being absorbed by oxygenated hemoglobin in the blood. Once this absorption takes place, the energy will heat the unwanted blood vessels, causing them to become useless tissue which is broken down and carried away by the circulatory system.

Symtoms that include acne like pimples can be addressed through medical internvention such as metronizadole creams, sulfacetamide creams and other acne treatments.

Accutane is used in extreme cases. Thickening of the skin is due to enlarged sebaceous glands. This can be reduced by Accutane during the early stages. But this drug is toxic and contraindicated in most instances.

Carbon dioxide lasers such as Fraxel Repair offers an ablative treatement to remove unwanted tissue.

Rosacea Treatment With The Vbeam Laser- Los Angeles Patient Photos

This patient was experiencing the symptoms of Rosacea redness on his chest. Dr. Umar used the Vbeam laser to clear away the problematic blood vessels. After a single treatment, the patient was able to regain his normal skin color.

Here are before and after images:

los angeles rosacea treatment result

Los Angeles patient with chest Rosacea. The Vbeam laser was used to get rid of the condition. Here are the before & after pictures*

Rosacea Laser Treatment| Close Up View of Chest

redness on chest due to Rosacea is cleared through the use of the Vbeam laser*

Patient Video

It is also beneficial to watch this video of his experience to actually see how the Vbeam laser is able to achieve results.

Rosacea Treatment Services For Patients in Los Angeles

It is important to seek medical attention to prevent advanced stages of Rosacea from occurring. But also what may look like Rosacea can actually be a more serious disorder.  Fine Touch Dermatology offers free consultations to help patients learn more about their condition and the available treatment options we offer.

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