Crows feet are wrinkles that radiate from the outward corners of the eyes. They usually result from laughing, smiling at squinting. Initially they are only visible when the face is in motion. But over time, they become permanent creases on the skin that are apparent even when the muscles around the eyes are at rest.

Damage from excessive sun exposure  or even smoking can weaken the skin’s ability to repair itself. Over time, creases are more likely to form and create deeply etched marks on the skin.

Also, loss of the skin’s volume around the eyes may also contribute to the appearance of crows feet.

How to Get Rid of Crows Feet

Many people may experiment with using various types of creams and products. But it is perhaps more effective to address the physiological causes which contribute to crows feet wrinkles

Botox and Dysport

Because crows feet result from muscles contracting, these wrinkles can benefit significantly from Botox or Dysport treatments. These procedures offer a high level of reliability when it comes to seeing real changes. Improvements are usually noticeable within a week.

Both types of injections will prevent nerve fibers from releasing the chemical signal that causes the crows feet muscles to contract. These wrinkles become far less visible when these muscles are relaxed.

For some patients, Dysport may produce better results. The molecules of this drug carry a fewer number of proteins. And therefore, Dysport may be more likely to be accepted by the body’s immune system. Some studies also show better results using Dysport for dynamic crows feet lines. Ultimately, patients may want to consider the use of this injection if they are not happy with their results from Botox.


Individuals who prefer an alternative to muscle relaxing injections may want to consider the use of a dermal filler called Belotero.

Belotero is made of specially bioengineered hyaluronic acid. Instead of being a particulate suspension, it is a smooth and continuous substance. Therefore, it does not create the same issues as older HA fillers such as clumping or the Tyndall effect (discoloration due to refracted light passing through a clear colloid)

As a result, this product can be injected much closer to the skin’s surface compared to older HA fillers.

Belotero may be  used to fill in etched crows feet lines which have developed on the skin.

Surgery For Crows Feet

Often, it is the case that crows feet wrinkles are addressed during blepharoplasty. This is a surgical procedure which removes excess muscles and fat which contributes to a drooping appearance and protrusions around the eyes. As a result, the skin becomes tighter, and less likely to develop the appearance of crows feet.

Patient Photos


This patient had deeper crows feet creases.  Dr. Umar was able to use Botox to significantly improve the appearance of these wrinkles.

Crows Feet| Effects of Botox on Los Angeles Patient

Before and after pictures of Botox treatment used to improve the appearance of crows feet in this patient*

Here is an example of a patient who had very mild instances of crows feet around the eyes. Botox was successful at reducing the appearance of these wrinkles

Botox Effects on Crows Feet| Los Angeles Patient's Results

Before and after pictures of mild crows feet wrinkles which were targeted by Botox*


Dysport works like Botox. However it has fewer proteins. And some people will tolerate it more than Botox. This patient was a long time user of Botox. But he wanted to try Dysport. This procedure targeted various areas of his face including crows feet. Here are before and after images of his results

Crows Feet Treatment With Dysport| Results on Male Patient

Dysport was used to minimize the appearance of crows feet in this patient*


This male patient also used Belotero to help get rid of fine crows feet lines that remained on the side regions outside of his eyes.

Filling In Crows Feet Wrinkles| Use of Belotero| Los Angeles Patient

Belotero was used to fill surface crows feet lines that remained on the face.*

Patient Videos

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