FUE uGraft Facilitates Eyebrow Transplant Using 300 Leg Donors

Naturally thin eyebrows made this patient feel self-conscious about his appearance; especially with his recognition that eyebrows are a major factor in the design and aesthetics of a person’s face. “I really like how prominent eyebrows frame the face and give a more youthful look,” he said. His consciousness of how sparse they were only

Tom Joyner Radio Show Talks to Dr. Umar About Hair Transplant and Hair Loss

When people think of dermatology, they tend to associate conditions of the skin. Acne, wrinkles, eczema, rosacea, and many other skin ailments are entrusted to dermatologists for treatment. However, this field of medicine also covers anything to do with the nails and hair. When people endure sudden hair loss, scalp irritation, genetic baldness, etc. they

Tattooed Brows Before Transplantation With Nape Hair

Before and After Eyebrow Restoration Procedure of Dr. Umar – Featured on Telemundo

Dr. Umar’s eyebrow transplant procedure was featured on Telemundo (national Spanish television network) in addition to KNBC4. For many women, eyebrows play a significant role in enhancing facial aesthetics. So it is understandable how eyebrow hair loss can be an issue of concern. As women age, physiological and hormonal changes cause hairs in the brow