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Botox Users Beware: 6 Signs of the Wrong Botox Doctor

Botox injections seem simple enough. They stick you with the little needle, in goes the magical serum, out comes the new, wrinkle-free you—right? Wrong. It is not that simple, though the easy affordability and accessibility of Botox have made it seem so. Nowadays, people with little-to-no medical background can become licensed to administer Botox, and

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Why A Dermatologist Should Administer Botox

Botox seems to be everywhere. Not only in medical clinics and doctors’ offices, but also in ordinary day spas and other such establishments. People tend to think, because it’s non-surgical and not permanent, that anyone licensed to administer Botox will do so safely and effectively. However, this is not the case. Finding a dermatologist or

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Best Wrinkle Treatment: 5 Things to Look for in a Botox Clinic

There are so many cosmetic therapies, products, and enhancements, it’s hard to keep up. Even when deciding Botox is the wrinkle treatment you want, there is yet more research to do as far as doctors, clinics, side effects, cost, and so on. And to make matters worse, Botox injections are now available in many places,

Botox | Side Effects and Risks

Botox: Side Effects and Biggest Risks

Botox is a cosmetic compound synthesized from botulinum toxin and made into an injectable liquid/gel. Popular and widely known use by celebrities catapulted the Allergan-patented wrinkle-reducer to the top of the list tallying non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Negligible pain, temporary outcomes, and relative affordability have sustained Botox as a leader in anti-aging cosmetics. And typically, there

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Birthmark Removal With Laser Skin Treatment

We usually think of a birthmark as a small, harmless marking in some obscure place on the body, usually out of plain sight. However, more often than we realize, birthmarks can be large, unsightly spots on the skin or even on the face. They can be embarrassing, cosmetically displeasing, and possibly disfiguring. There are many

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Celebrity Botox On the Rise

Celebrity Botox has become as commonly paired as a compound word.  The injectable wrinkle-smoother, created by Allergan and derived from botulinum toxin, is among the most frequently requested non-surgical cosmetic treatments. It’s the reason why the stars we watch in movies and on television don’t appear to be getting any older. Their fountain of youth

Non-Surgical Nose Job Now Possible With Radiesse

Cosmetic surgery is no longer a taboo subject. Hundreds of thousands of people every year undergo breast augmentation, liposuction, and rhinoplasty. However, surgical procedures can be painful, expensive, and have high risks. In addition, cosmetic surgery is permanent, which can prove unfavorable if the outcome is not what the patient desired. What if there was

Split Earlobe Repair Corrects Earlobe Damage

Wearing earrings and other jewelry is a common way of accessorizing and adorning oneself for special occasions or even everyday activities. But sometimes, body jewelry can cause complications by pulling the piercing and stretching it wider than intended. This can take place due to particularly heavy jewelry, the earrings being pulled on or ripped out