The desire to create or maintain a more youthful appearance is widespread in Los Angeles. Innovations in technology at skin clinics offer various options to address specifics with both surgical and nonsurgical treatments. However, beauty starts with healthy habits. FineTouch Dermatology skin clinic offers advice on what skin care habits are bad habits that need to change. The skin clinic says the Top 3 bad beauty habits to break include not washing your face before bed, washing your face in the morning with harsh cleansers and squeezing your pores and popping zits. Not washing your face before bed:Washing your face before bed can sometimes be a tedious task that you simply ignore; however, our skin clinic advises against it. Not only do you need to remove the makeup, you also need to cleanse off the dirt and grime on your face from the whole day. Additionally, acne results when follicles are clogged. Environmental factors, whether from excessive dirt built up or makeup, are a main culprit. It’s simply too important to wash your face each night with proper skin care products. Washing your face in the morning with harsh cleansers: FineTouch Dermatology skin clinic reveals that using a harsh skin care products in the morning, such as harsh cleansers and scrubs, can strip your skin of essential oils. If you must morning cleanse due to leftover makeup or excess oil, skin doctor Dr. Umar suggests using a mild moisturizing cleanser and then applying sunscreen of SPF 30+.


Simply put, clogged follicles result in acne. Acne is a medical skin disease known as acne vulgaris that appears where there are prevalent sebaceous follicles, such as your face, back and chest. Acne varies from mild flare-ups with a few pimples to chronic breakouts with severe inflammation. Squeezing your pores and popping zits: Acne blemishes of any form should never be squeezed, according to FineTouch Dermatology skin clinic. In fact, any skin doctor would warn against it. When you pick at a blemish zit, squeeze a white head or pop a zit, it creates a giant red spot on your face that can last for days. Not only does picking at acne blemishes make them worse, it also increases chances for acne scars. Since acne at any level can cause acne scars, how to remove acne is a high priority if you are affected by it consistently. Skin doctor Dr. Umar can recommend arrays of treatment regimens for how to remove acne depending on your acne severity. Options include topical solutions, oral medication, photodynamic therapy (PDT) procedures and laser treatments.

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Since glowing, wrinkle-free and blemish-free skin is ideal, a Los Angeles skin clinic and skin surgeon can be excellent resources.*


Many people try to achieve or maintain both beauty and youthfulness with exercise, a healthy diet and skin care regimen. However, often times a skin surgeon is needed to improve your complexion and achieve certain facial aesthetic goals. Since glowing, wrinkle-free and blemish-free skin is ideal, a Los Angeles skin clinic and skin surgeon can be excellent resources. A skin surgeon addresses acne, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, facial symmetry and an array of skin conditions. Additionally, innovations in dermatology also offer numerous options for surgical and nonsurgical treatments. To understand the dynamics of proper skin care and options for surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic improvement, schedule an appointment with Dr. Umar. For more information about how a skin clinic and skin surgeon can improve your appearance, read