Full voluminous lips can soften and enhance the beauty of the face.  Although some people are born with this feature, it can also be achieved with lip enhancement procedures.

 How Is A Lip Enhancement Performed?

Lip enhancement can be achieved with dermal fillers  like Juvederm which is made from synthetic hyaluronic acid. This is a type of sugar that is already found in our bodies. It is an ideal choice for creating natural looking, full lips because it can hold large amounts of water as it augments tissue. The end results are supple due to the hydration that takes place.

 Hyaluronic Acid Fillers for Augmenting Lips

 Examples of hyaluronic acid fillers used for lip augmentation include:

(1)  Juvederm 

Juvederm’s consistency is somewhat more fluid. When injected into soft tissue like the lips, it tends to diffuse quite readily into the surrounding area. Regular Juvederm is also referred to as Juvederm Ultra. Juvederm Ultra Plus has a firmer consistency due to larger sized particles.  For the lips, Juvederm Ultra is recommended. The Ultra Plus formulation is quite thick and prone to clumping and forming other types of unwanted effects.

(2) Restylane 

Restylane is slightly more viscous than Juvederm due to the way the hyaluronic acid molecules are cross linked together. This filler diffuses less readily into the injection site and relies more on manual manipulation to create the desired end result.

(3) Belotero 

Belotero is made of uniquely cross linked hyaluronic acid, forming a continuous, firm substance as opposed to particles suspended in gel. The consistency is created to be rather thin and smooth so that it is able to fill fine lines. This quality may be suitable for lip augmentation procedures depending on the type of outcome the patient wishes to achieve.

Cost of Enhancing Lips

Lip enhancement procedures usually cost about $500/syringe. And the average price of these treatments has been estimated to be $825 per session.

Importance of Balance, Proportion and Symmetry

Lip enhancement may not seem like a complicated procedure. But it requires a careful approach that balances technical skill with artistic considerations.  There are abstract principles in balance, proportion and symmetry that are needed to create the best result for a particular patient’s face.

The top lip should not be too full. It needs to be in proper balance with the bottom lip.  The upper lip should never be bigger than the lower lip. As a rough guideline, the top lip should remain at about one to two thirds the volume of the lower lip. Some people are genetically born with both lips being of equal size. Therefore, maintaining these proportions might be best for the individual.

When it comes to symmetry, the left side should look exactly like the right side in terms of size and shape. Appropriate amounts of filler need to be distributed equally across the lips. Many doctors choose to create imaginary divisions across the top and bottom lips with each section receiving approximately equal amounts of product. The upper lip is perceived as three equal length divisions, with a slightly thicker bulge in the middle.  And the lower lip is conceptualized as two equal lengths.

Although quantitative guidelines can be helpful references, what ultimately matters is whether the outcome flatters the patients face.

Shape of Lip Augmentation Results

The use of large quantities of filler can visually appear quite obvious to others. Hence, society has coined terms like “duck lips,” “pillow lips” and “trout pout” to describe excessively filled lips.. While having fuller looking lips can be an exciting development for one’s personal appearance, maintaining a balanced perspective is important for avoiding overly filled lips. When it comes to lip augmentation procedures, less is more.

First time patients should consider a very conservative approach at the beginning. If greater volume is desired over time, the amount of filler can be gradually increased across treatment sessions.

A simple test can be used by patients or doctors to determine whether or not an appropriate amount of product has been used. Lip gloss or vaseline is applied to the upper lip. Then a small flash light is turned on to view the treated area. If the reflection shines on the cupid’s bow, this means that the amount of filler used is moderate and appropriate. If the reflection is seen on the middle bulge of the upper lip, this is a sign that too much filler was applied.

Which Celebrities Have Had Lip Enhancement Procedures?

Most celebrities are very discrete about their use of cosmetic treatments. Some, however, will openly reveal what procedures they have had done. When it comes to others, fans can only make speculations based on before and after photos.

Lisa Rinna has been candid about discussing the lip enhancement procedure she had undergone during the 1980s using silicone. However, she has also expressed on ‘Today,’ that she decided to undergo a lip reduction procedure. The star now advocates a more natural look.

Another celebrity with famously full lips is Angelina Jolie. Childhood photos reveal that her plump lips are the result of genetics. However, based on other photos in later years, many believe that her top lip may have been slightly enhanced.

Female Celebrity Inspiration for Augmented Lips

Other than Angelina Jolie, other female celebrities inspire the look of having soft, full lips. Here are some examples:

  • Megan Fox
  • Tyra Banks
  • Scarlet Johansson
  • Jennifer Garner
  • Sophia Loren
  • Rihanna
  • Brigitte Bardot
  • Jessica Alba

 Fuller Lips for Men

Lip enhancement procedures are often associated with women. But they can be performed on men if fuller lips are desired. Results should ideally be as subtle as possible.

The look of fuller lips on men is not necessarily effeminate. Here are examples of male celebrities who seem to have been born with this characteristic, and perhaps even helped them become as famous as they are:

  1. Harry Styles
  2. Taylor Lautner’s
  3. Channing Tatum
  4. George Clooney’
  5. Brad Pitt
  6. Enrique Iglesias

Dr. U’s Lip Enhancement Patient Photos

This patient wanted greater lip volume. But she wanted to maintain her natural shape. Dr. Umar was able to inject Juvederm to give the desired level of fullness. However, as you can see from these results, the patient’s cupid’s bow was accentuated instead of flattened to create a very flattering outcome.

Lip Enhancement Services|Dermal Filler | Patient Images

Lip enhancement in Redondo Beach patient before and after Juvederm procedure*

Lip Enhancement| Side View - Height of Lips

Profile view of patient’s lips show a natural looking height*


Here are additional examples of patients who received excellent lip enhancement results using Juvederm.

Lip Enhancement Procedure | Juvederm Patient in Redondo Beach

Juvederm was used to enhance the volume of this patient’s lips*

Lip Enhancement Results| Best Clinic in Redondo Beach

The signs of volume loss in the lips due aging can be restored with the help of Juvederm*

Video – Lip Augmentation With Juvederm

Patient Consultations

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