Jowls are characterized as sagging skin which hangs downward past the jaw line. They result from the atrophy of muscle and fat in the face. This issue can be corrected through surgery or non surgical jowl lift procedures.

Jowls can be corrected through the use of surgery.  Surgery involves one of two methods:

1)      Cutting the loose skin

2)      Repositioning the skin

There are also non surgical jowl lift  procedures as well.  Individuals are usually drawn to benefits such as:

1)      Reduced cost

2)      Minimal invasiveness

3)      Quickness of the procedure

4)      Little or no downtime

How Is A Non Surgical Jowl Lift Performed?

A non surgical jowl lift can be achieved using a dermal filler called Radiesse.  This injection is quite versatile. It can add volume to areas on the face. Because it is made of calcium based particles, it is able to offer structural lift and support. These properties enable it to improve the appearance of jowls.

Once injected under the skin,  the gel mass is shaped to create the desired contour. Over the next few months, new collagen fibers will develop to replace the gel fluid.

Patient Photos

This patient did not want to undergo surgery to get rid of her jowls. Dr. Umar was able to use Radiesse to improve the appearance of her jaw line and reduce the appearance of sagging in her face.

Redondo Beach non surgical jowl lifting with radiesse

Los Angeles patient who received Radiesse to improve the appearance of advanced jowls*

Another patient displayed an early onset of jowls.  This occurred as indentations on both sides of her lips. Radiesse was also used to perform a non surgical jowl lift.

los-angeles-non-surgical-jowl-lift before and after

Los Angeles patient who was treated with Radiesse for mild jowling*

 Patient Videos

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