Attractive  photogenic faces are often characterized by having high cheekbones. But not everyone is born with this feature. This look can be achieved through surgery by inserting implants. However, it is also possible to enhance the shape of the cheekbones without surgery.  Non surgical facial contouring is an excellent option to consider for those who are not ready to commit to surgery.

Benefits of  Non Surgical Facial Contouring 

  • Less costly than surgery
  • Little to no downtime
  • Ability to be modified as the face changes to help ensure a natural look for the patient

How Non Surgical Facial Contouring is Done

Radiesse injections offer a minimally invasive way to refine the shape of the face. Radiesse  is a dermal filler. However, it is unique because it can provide support instead of just adding volume.

The injection solution is made of calcium based microspheres suspended in a gel.  Once it is injected, these microspheres will create a scaffold under the skin to raise the cheekbone area. During the procedure, the doctor will shape this mass to create the most attractive outcome for the patient.

These sessions usually take about 20 minutes.

Patient Photos

Both these patients wanted to enhance the height and shape of their cheekbones. Dr. Umar was able to use Radiesse to achieve the look that they wanted.

During these  procedures, Radiesse was also used to correct the dark circles and wrinkles in  tear trough areas of these patients


Los Angeles patient before and after her non surgical facial contouring procedure*


Patient who received treatments of Radiesse to improve the contour of her cheeks.*

This patient wanted a way to improve the appearance of her jowls without surgery. Radiesse was used to accomplish this.


Los Angeles patient who received a non surgical correction for jowls with the help of Radiesse*

Patient Videos

More information about this patient’s  experience with Radiesse for jowls is documented  in her video.

Patient Consultations
Fine Touch Dermatology offer complimentary consultations if you are are interested in non-surgical facial contouring procedures. Prospective patients will get a chance to ask questions and learn information that is relevant for their needs.

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