Acne Condition in Young Woman

Does Acne Get Worse With Less Sun In The Winter?

Here in Los Angeles, we have our share of warm sunny weather along with colder gloomier days, although our seasons are not well defined. Some people with acne seem to notice that their condition seems to be better when the sun is out. But does this mean that high amounts of sunlight should be part

Tom Joyner Radio Show Talks to Dr. Umar About Hair Transplant and Hair Loss

When people think of dermatology, they tend to associate conditions of the skin. Acne, wrinkles, eczema, rosacea, and many other skin ailments are entrusted to dermatologists for treatment. However, this field of medicine also covers anything to do with the nails and hair. When people endure sudden hair loss, scalp irritation, genetic baldness, etc. they

Getting A Non-Surgical Facelift With Botox

Achieving an Eyebrow Lift Without Surgery

Getting an eyebrow lift without surgery may be an ideal treatment for those who recognize the importance of this multi-purpose feature. Eyebrows are a vital facial component because they provide the face with proper aesthetic balance. They are even used in the Rule of Thirds as a form of measurement—defining the top third of the

Botox Parties| Are They Safe?

Are Botox Parties A Safe Alternative To A Botox Clinic?

The popularity of Botox parties has increased in recent years due to the economy. Statistics show that people continue to prioritize their appearance despite the recession. So it is very appealing when a popular injection like Botox is available for free or at a reduced cost. However these gatherings are not an ideal substitute for

Skin Tan| Dangers of Spray Tans

The Dangers of Spray Tans

Most people are now aware of the damage to the skin that UV rays can cause. Excessive and ongoing exposure can make individuals look older prematurely by damaging collagen in the skin. On a more serious level, UV radiation can also contribute to cancer. However, having a bronze glow is considered to be attractive. So

Dermatologist| Questions to Ask

Higher Patient Satisfaction For Board Certified Dermatologist & Other Core Providers

Advances in cosmetic procedures have made it possible for people to have greater choices and control over their physical appearance. While these changes may seem exciting, patients need to be aware that these types of treatments are medical procedures. They are not to be thought of as regular beauty treatments, like getting a facial or

Best Dermatologist| Los Angeles Area

Why A Dermatologist Should Administer Botox

Botox seems to be everywhere. Not only in medical clinics and doctors’ offices, but also in ordinary day spas and other such establishments. People tend to think, because it’s non-surgical and not permanent, that anyone licensed to administer Botox will do so safely and effectively. However, this is not the case. Finding a dermatologist or

Finding a Dermatologist in Los Angeles

Finding a good dermatologist can be a tricky business. Especially in Los Angeles, where demand for beautiful skin is high, and dermatologists are plentiful. Who can you trust? People seek the expertise of dermatologists for all types of skin, hair, and nail conditions; from acne, to laser tattoo removal, to anti-aging treatments like Botox, to

Los Angeles Dermatologist Recommendations for Wrinkles Around the Eyes

Fine lines under the eyes are among the very first signs of aging that people notice as they get older.  Sometimes, these are noticed as early as the teen years.  If left untreated, they can progress into more prominent wrinkles. According to dermatologists, this is because the tissue in this area is quite thin and