Earlobe Keloid Scar Removal

Earlobe Keloid Scar Removal – Amazing Patient Results

Earlobe Keloid Scar Removal: This patient was left with a Keloid on her earlobe after getting a piercing. After failed steriod injection attempts to remove the Keloid, she came to Dr. U for help. She was extremely satisfied with the Earlobe Keloid Scar Removal procedure. A keloid is a raised scar made of collagen that grows over normal skin.


Deciding to get Botox?

Wrinkles, laugh lines, Sagging eyebrows, acne scarring, thin cheekbones, under eye circles; these are common reasons why people decide to get Botox. Although it was once thought of as an upscale cosmetic procedure used by Hollywood celebrities to look “ageless”, getting a Botox procedure is now as low-key as a trip to the Dentist. Botox

Acne Scarring/Under Eye Circles and Puffiness| Before & After Radiesse

Does Acne Scarring Cause Wrinkles?

Acne scarring and wrinkles are closely related. Acne scarring thins and weakens the dermis (skin) causing grooves and creases to form in the skin over time. Those with severe acne scars are more likely to get wrinkles at an earlier age. Acne scars in young people can result in a linear manner that aligns with

Eyebrow transplantation results

Eyebrow Transplantation Vs. Eyebrow Extensions

One should not have to rely on eye liner every day to achieve fuller and shapely looking eyebrows; for men who desire thicker eyebrows this is usually not even an option. Most people naturally lose brow hairs over time. This may be due to hormones or other factors such as plucking, threading or over waxing.

Acne Scarring/Under Eye Circles and Puffiness| Before & After Radiesse

Patient’s Results Show that Eyebags and Dark Circles Can Be Fixed – Before and After Radiesse

The area beneath the eyes, known as the tear troughs are prone to various cosmetic issues that people commonly complain about. This is where the skin and tissues are quite delicate and prone to showing darkness, hollows or shadows as well as protrusions (eyebags). However, these problems are not necessarily due to age, but more

Acne Scar Tissue| Skin Creases Around Mouth

Radiesse Treats Laugh Lines From Acne Scars – Before and After

The term, laugh lines often refers to the grooves which form around the sides of the nose and mouth. These depressions are also known as nasolabial folds which become more pronounced over time due to volume loss in the lower face. However, the young patient shown here was experiencing the formation of laugh lines, not

Radiesse| Wrinkle Treatment & Facial Contouring

Straightening A Nose Bump Without Surgery – Before and After Radiesse

Not everyone feels they were born with the most perfect nose. Many individuals are dissatisfied with they way they look in profile due to a bump in their nasal bridge. Now, there are two cosmetic procedure options for making desired corrections. rhinoplasty surgery use of Radiesse Surgery is naturally quite invasive. Getting rid of a

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How A Dermal Filler Created A Straighter Nose Without Surgery – Before and After Photos

Not everyone is born with a nose that they are completely happy with. And now, individuals have the option of making changes and adjustments with the help of cosmetic procedures. For many years, surgical rhinoplasty has been the only option for patients. But now, it is possible to choose a relatively quick, easy and cost-effective