Fraxel Repair is a cosmetic laser. It is very effective for the treatment of common skin issues such as:

  1. Deep wrinkles, furrows and fine lines
  2. Mild to moderate skin laxity
  3. Enlarged pores
  4. Acne scars
  5. Pigmented lesions like age spots
  6. Melasma
  7. vascular dyschromia
  8. rhytides

Why Fraxel Repair Is Unique

Fraxel Repair is a forward step among carbon dioxide lasers.  These lasers are considered to be ablative which means that they will destroy unwanted cells.  In the end, this produces a tightening effect on the skin.

With older systems, the entire surface needed to be treated. However Fraxel Repair is able to deliver energy in a pixilated fashion.  This means that it can be applied to only treat specific problem areas without compromising the quality of the final outcome.

Healthy skin is left alone. As a result, patients are able to experience faster healing and  the benefits of an ablative laser treatment without the need for extended downtime.

With older carbon dioxide lasers, typical downtime lasts between 2.5 to 4 weeks. However, with Fraxel Dual, patients can usually plan on a one to two  week recovery  period before resuming their normal activities.

How Does Fraxel Repair Work

Fraxel Repair is a very intense laser system which uses the 10,500 nm wavelength. The hand piece used will deliver laser energy as tiny vertical columns. Tissue within these columns is vaporized due to the heat.

This heat energy will also inflict deliberate wounds beneath the surface. Skin cells in lower dermal layers will respond to this trauma by producing new collagen fibers.

This collagen will help tighten the skin and even reduce the size of large pores.  And the new tissue will also fill in the depressions of acne scars.

Fraxel Repair’s energy will also destroy cellular structures containing melanin.  The body’s circulatory system will carry away the remains of this process. This mechanism is how age spots and melasma can be cleared away from the surface of the skin.

Because Fraxel Repair delivers a very intense procedure, patients often need only 1-2 sessions. However, it can only be safely performed safely on light skinned individuals with very low levels of melanin.

What to Expect After A Procedure

The skin will be very red following a Fraxel Repair session. Daily sun protection will be essential especially during the healing phase in addition to maintaining desired results.

Recommended Skin Types

Fraxel Repair is only indicated for patients with very light colored skin who fall under the categories of Fitzpatrick levels I-III.

The energy emitted from this system is easily absorbed by melanin. Since individuals with warmer and darker tones have greater concentrations of this pigment, their skin will overheat. This can result in consequences such as:

  • scars
  • hyperpigmentation
  • redness
  • sores
  • facial muscle damage
  • breakouts of acne pimples
  • heightened sensitivity to makeup & skin care products

Fraxel Repair – Patient Photos

This patient underwent a Fraxel Repair procedure to tighten her skin and to get rid of age spots.


Los Angeles patient before and after her Fraxel Repair procedure*

 Patient Video

Here is a video which documents her results and overall experience.

Fraxel Repair Procedures in Los Angeles

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Fraxel Repair| Los Angeles Patient Info

Fraxel Repair may be an excellent laser for skin resurfacing in patients who qualify as candidates