Radiesse is able to give excellent results for applications such as:

1)      Nasolabial folds and laugh lines

2)      Under eye wrinkles and dark circles

3)      Mild to moderate jowls

4)      Non-surgical cheek lift

5)      Non-surgical chin augmentation

6)      Non-surgical nose job


How Does Radiesse Work?

This particular dermal filler is unique because it is made of tiny calcium based microspheres (calcium hydroxyapatite Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2)  This is why it can lift and provide structure instead of just filling creases and depressions.

Once it is injected the particles will create a scaffold layer under the skin. They will adjust in different densities and configurations to conform to surrounding areas of tissue.

This is why natural looking results can be attained in both soft and firmer tissues within the face.

New collagen tissue then grows on the calcium matrix for about 2-3 months

Patient Cases

Non-Surgical Nose Job

The tiny calcium hydroxuapatite particles make it quite ideal for improving facial features like the nose. In the past, rhinoplasty surgery was the only option. However, it can be used as a non-surgical alternative to help raise or straighten the appearance of the nose bridge.

Non- Surgical Chin Augmentation

Many people are interested in chin enhancement procedures to improve how their profile looks. Through surgery, an implant is inserted. However, it is also possible to inject Radiesse to create a stronger projection of the chin.

Higher Cheekbones

Radiesse can also be used to refine the shape of the face by enhancing the cheekbone areas. Here is an example of a very happy patient who had this done.

Dark Circles and Wrinkles Under the Eyes

The area beneath the eye is soft and subject to wrinkles. Many people are also concerned about the dark circles and depressions under their eyes. However, this filler offers an excellent way to correct these issues.It is capable of providing both volume & support to help make the tear troughs appear less deep and sunken.

Radiesse is a white opaque substance due to its calcium content. This makes it a better choice than clear hyaluronic acid. When light rays pass through a clear suspension, they will bend and create a bluish coloration. This is phenomenon in physics known as the Tyndall effect. Under the delicate tissue beneath the eyes, this can look like bruises. However, due to its particle nature, this does not occur.

Here is an example of a patient who wanted to improve signs of aging under her eyes. And she also had a non-surgical cheek lift using the injection.

radiesse for tear troughs before and after

Radiesse used to get rid of wrinkles in tear troughs.*

radiesse for cheek lift in a Redondo Beach patient

Redondo Beach patient who had Radiesse to enhance the shape of her cheeks and to rejuvenate the area under her eyes*

Another patient also underwent a procedure to rejuvenate her tear troughs and to refine the shape of her cheeks.

non-surgical cheek lift by radiesse injections

Los Angeles patient before and after using Radiesse for her cheeks and under eye regions*

Laugh Lines

Here are two patients who received nasolabial fold treatment. Both women were able to look years younger after restoring volume loss in the lower facial area.

laugh line treatment with radiesse results

Radiesse was used to fill laugh lines in this Redondo Beach patient to rejuvenate her lower face*

before and after radiesse treatment of nasolabial folds

Before and after pictures of Radiesse treatment for patient who had deeper nasolabial folds around her nose and mouth*


Radiesse can be used to improve the structural areas of the face such as jowls. This is due to the calcium component of the injection which can refine the contour of the jaw. Here is an example of a patient who received excellent results

before and after radiesse for jowl treatment in a Redondo Beach patient

Redondo Beach patient who had a Radiesse treatment to reduce the appearance of her jowls.*

Frown Lines Between the Brows

For patients who do not wish to use a neuromuscular injection like Botox, Radiesse can be considered instead. It will not treat the muscles. However it can be used to fill in the vertical frown line creases

radiesse for frown line between eyebrows, before and after

Before and after images of Redondo Beach patient who used Radiesse instead of Botox to fill in frown lines*


To read more about her experience, click here.

Patient Videos

 Complimentary Consultations For Patients In Redondo Beach

If you have additional questions and would like to speak to us in person, Fine Touch Dermatology offers free initial consultations for those who are interested in treating laugh lines, frown lines in between the brows, non surgical facial contouring and dark circles and wrinkles below the eyes.  To get started with scheduling an appointment, please fill out our online consultation form at the top of the page. Or you may call us at 877-337-6424.


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