Is Poikiloderma Caused By Sun Damage?

Some may not even recognize it as a skin condition, as we live in a sunbathing culture where age spots and redness abound. And although poikiloderma is not harmful and is not considered a disease (but rather, a response pattern of the skin), many find it cosmetically displeasing. Is the condition caused by sun damage?

Laser Solutions For Difficult Acne Cases

Fraxel Dual Laser Corrects Acne Scars on African American Skin

After receiving a successful course of acne treatment at DermHair Clinic using the Spectra laser and medications, it was time to address the next step; this patient had been left with severe acne scars. Dr. Umar approached her scarring with the Fraxel Dual laser, due to its effectiveness and safety for use on African Americans

Laser and Other Therapies Used for Leg Vein Removal

Veins in the legs tend to worsen with age and become unsightly. However, they can also become medically burdensome, causing pain, swelling, and heaviness. Whether you want your veins gone for aesthetic purposes, or for an improvement in your physical health, there are a few different treatments to address leg vein removal. Why Do Veins

How Does the Fraxel Laser Work?

Fraxel lasers are a premier type of laser therapy that emits monochromatic light waves to affect and stimulate tissue restructuring. The term “Fraxel” comes from the fact that they operate using fractional light technology as opposed to light technology on a uniform plane, like the older CO2 lasers. This means that they treat sections of

Finding a Dermatologist in Los Angeles

Finding a good dermatologist can be a tricky business. Especially in Los Angeles, where demand for beautiful skin is high, and dermatologists are plentiful. Who can you trust? People seek the expertise of dermatologists for all types of skin, hair, and nail conditions; from acne, to laser tattoo removal, to anti-aging treatments like Botox, to

Laser Solutions For Difficult Acne Cases

Spectra and Fraxel Dual For Acne and Scars

Ongoing acne and acne scars plagued this patient through college. She’d tried medications, but none of them worked, so she presented to Dr. Umar hoping for an effective acne treatment. He started with the Spectra laser and a few medications to effectively treat the active problem, which the patient reports went away after only two

“Angel’s Kiss” Not So Heavenly? The Pearly Gateway to Birthmark Removal

Birthmarks come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Certain types are very rare, while one type occurs in nearly 50% of all infants. For some people, these congenital markings are celebrated as a representation of uniqueness and individuality. For others, they are nothing more than an embarrassing cosmetic disfigurement. The latter may be interested

Fraxel Dual Clears Age Spots in Los Angeles Patient

Los Angeles Fraxel Laser Treatments For Brown Spots-Before and After

Here in Los Angeles, Fraxel Dual and Fraxel Repair lasers are available at Fine Touch Dermatology for the treatment of all skin tones. Laser skin treatment for ethnic groups used to involve greater risk of side effects due to the risk of scarring and hyperpigmentation.  Darker skin types have higher levels of melanin which readily