A non surgical nose job can be an ideal option for those who are not ready for rhinoplasty*

Improving the shape of your nose does not always have to involve surgery. In fact, it is now possible to refine the contour of the with very minimal invasion. This can be accomplished with a non surgical nose job.

Good candidates for this type of procedure include those with:

1)       bumps or asymmetries on the bridge of the nose.

2)      droopy tips

3)      short looking noses

Short looking noses can be made to appear longer by adding height to the Radix. The Radix is the section of the nose that exists at the level of the eyes.

Because these procedures involve the use of a dermal filler called Radiesse, they cannot always be used in place of surgery. Patients who  actually want to reduce the size of their nose will require surgical rhinoplasty.

Benefits of a Non Surgical Nose Job

Patients may want to consider a non surgical nose contouring for the following reasons:

1)      Lower cost than a surgical procedure

2)      Ability to experiment with different looks for face before committing to a surgical procedure

3)      Little or no downtime

How A Non-Surgical Nose Job Is Performed

Because Radiesse is made of calcium based microspheres, it can offer structural support that is useful for improving the contour of the nose bridge. These particles create a layer beneath the skin that can even out bumps.

A non surgical nose job usually takes less than half an hour. The patient is awake and able to watch the procedure using a hand held mirror. They can even provide verbal guidance to guide the results.

Pain is usually very minimal. The Radiesse injection solution often includes Lidocaine for pain relief. This inclusion has been approved by the FDA

Patient Example

The patient below had non-surgical nose job using Radiesse. Read the rest of her story.

non-surgical asian nose job

Before and after non-surgical nose job with Radiesse.*

non-surgical asian nose job with radiesse before and after

non-surgical asian nose job with radiesse before and after*

Patient Consultations

If you are wondering if  non surgical nose contouring is the right option for you, Fine Touch Dermatology offers free initial consultations. You will be able to have your questions answered and discuss relevant details for the results you want in the end. Call us at 877-337-6424 or fill out our online consultation form.