Frown lines (also referred to as the elevens) are vertical creases between the eyebrows. They develop over time from emotional expressions associated with anger or worry. However, many people are concerned that frown lines appear when they are not necessarily feeling negative emotions. And this can send the wrong message to other people.

Why Do Frown Lines Form?

Frown lines occur as a result of over active muscles between the brows. Therefore, one of the most effective ways for getting rid of them is by relaxing these muscles.

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Botox is an injection that affects the nerves and the muscles.  It will prevent nerve cells from releasing a chemical that normally signals the muscles to contract.

Botox will relax the frown line muscles to correct the appearance of vertical wrinkles between the brows.

los angeles frown lines|Treatment with Botox - before & after

Los Angeles patient who had Botox to get rid of frown lines in her brow area*


Dysport is an injection that is almost identical to Botox. However, it’s chemical structure has fewer proteins.  Some patients will experience a higher level of tolerance due to this slight difference. As a result, Dysport may produce better results for these individuals.

Here is a male patient who was not seeing improvement from using Botox for frown lines. His  Dysport experience was quite different.

los angeles frown lines in a male patient|Treatment with Dysport

Dysport was used to address frown lines in this patient*

This patient wanted to correct overactive frown line muscles which were affecting her facial expressions. Dysport succeeded in accomplishing this.

 frown lines in a female patient| Treatment With Dysport|los angeles

Dysport used to treat prominent frown lines in patient*


Some individuals may not want an injection like Botox and Dysport. Radiesse may be a better choice. Although the injection will not affect the muscles, Radiesse will fill in wrinkles between the brows so that they are less visible. Here is an example of a patient who had this done.

 frown lines before after radiesse injection| Filling Frown Lines| los angeles

Radiesse was used as an alternative to Botox and Dysport to treat this patient’s frown lines.*



Belotero is an injection that can be used to fill shallow frown line creases between the brows. It has a unique chemical structure that allows it to be injected superficially.

Here is another example of a patient who did not want to use Botox or Dysport. However her frown lines were very faint. So Belotero was used to fill them.

before and after belotero injection for frown lines| Botox alternative

Belotero used to fill frown lines between the brows*

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