Fine Touch Dermatology is the BEST dermatologist i have ever been too. all of the employes are very nice and helpful. DR.Umar is extremely gentle, nice and, has a wonderful bedside manner. He will takes his time to discuss any questions u have. all his focus is on you. I am a young teenage girl and had lots of skin problems. i tried everything you can imagine.He cleared my skin my up fast. he is hands done the best doctor
Redondo Beach, CA
I have been going to Dr. Umar at Fine Touch for several years to remove lines around my mouth and enhance upper lip. We discuss my expectations in advance, and I have been delighted with the results every time! It is so easy, the last time I had the procedure, I went straight up to the workout center and worked out! Wonderful and attentive staff.
Redondo Beach, CA
Recommended! Dr. Umar’s treatments have done the magic for my skin at the point when I’d almost given up and had resigned to wear fundation 24/7 forever to conceal my acne scars and sun spots. I’m makeup free now, so couldn’t be happier with the results. Always open to discussion, he will do everything to design a treatment that addresses your concerns as a patient. You would just have to trust him, be disciplined and wait to see how you skin improves as you go. Very friendly staff and a very nice office with top of the line technology awaits for you here. Thanks FineTouch Dermatology!
La Crescenta-Montrose, CA
I went in to see Dr. Umar recently and he did a FANTASTIC job! My hands skin was peeling, it itched, and due to that my hands hurt and it use to sting when I would use hot water or when I would use soap or put lotion on. I went in and the nice ladies in the front office were very nice and caring! As soon as I got there I was offered something to drink and not one second did they ignore me.. all the questions and concerns that I had were answered. I was also helped by a young lady Daisy and just like Alex was very patient and informative. When Dr. Umar went into the room most of my questions were answered. Dr. Umar is very helpful and he informed me with everything about the condition of my skin. He gave me a perscription that would help my condition go away. I am curently taking the medicine and my hands do not peel as much. I loved the way everyone in the front desk and the assistants informed me with information and the way they treated me! I recommend this place to everyone you will not regret the service by Dr. Umar or his workers! I have yet to make another appointment to make. Thank you to all the staff at FineTouch Dermatology
South Gate, CA
As others have said Dr Umar is a really kind and listens attentivly to your problems/symptoms. I have been amazed with the treatments for my acne and acne scars he has the knowledge and top of the line lasers to treat my problems I have been having for years. I really feel more confident in general. Also the staff is super great they make you feel welcomed.
Long Beach, CA
So, I’ve been dealing with acne scars for a while now and was looking for a Dermatologist that could help me treat them. I ended up calling FineTouch Dermatology ( maybe because of the interesting business title FineTouch hmmmm) anyways I called and easily scheduled an appointment with a really knowledgeable receptionist. After speaking with Dr. Umar & watching his videos results of different treatments I felt like I had a lot of options to help battle these horrible acne marks he let me know about medications, creams and 2 affordable & effective laser treatments like spectra & fraxel dual. At the moment I’m thinking of which route of treatment to take, and once I do ill be heading over to FineTouch.
Los Angeles, CA
One final note-the price I paid for botox/radiese was very competitive. Are you the kind of person who goes for 2 for 1 pizzas or 1 authentic pizza by a great maker. Do you look for cheap deals and coupons for your face-I don’t. You cannot go to the cheapest place in town when it comes to your face-quality vs quantity. Dr Umars prices are very affordable and competitive when it comes to skin treatments. After all he is a top notch Dermatologist. It is for this reason I take a plane ride 5 hrs away to see him. but once again-because he is top notch at at respectable price. Never have skin treatments on your face by an amateur or for a “bargain”.. I would like to further note that he is considered the best in the world at hair. I am putting this up out my own good will, not for any other reason. Looking forward to my next appointment with him and his staff. !!!!!!!
Toronto, ON Canada
My experience with Dr Umar and his staff has been absolutely superb. I have had work by other doctors in the past (left me extemely scarred) and nothing has come close to the outstanding work Dr Umar has performed on me about a year ago. Dr Umar has taken on my hair repair case and has absolutely changed my life for the better where no words can describe. He is a genious at what he does and I call his approach bio mimetic since his hair procedures duplicate mother nature. I only trust him to work on my head and undo the damage that 2 other Toronto (Yorkville area) doctors have done in the past. His staff is so pleasant and competent and its a pleasure being a patient of the office of Dr S Umar. At my last visit in conjuntion with hair procedures I had some outstanding botox and radiese fillers that made me looks years younger. Despite the fact that I live in Toronto I will continue to have these procedures done by Dr S Umar from Rodono beach because he is what I feel-one of a kind. My advice to anyone that needs hair procedures or cosmetic skin treatments-you will not be disappointed. My story and my video and pics will be posted on his website in the near future.
Toronto, ON Canada
My husband and I go to Fine Touch Derm for botox and juvederm. The office has a calm, relaxed friendly environment, and we are always offered coffee or tea, as well as mini muffins or cup cakes. After price shopping around, we both can get our treatments at great prices. Highly recommend.
Orange, CA
I love this place!!! Great friendly staff, and the doctor himself is awesome! The prices are unbeatable. I have dysport and juvederm done regularly and have never looked better. I can look good at and affordable price, and in a beautiful office. Thanks!
Orange, CA
I went to this clinic interested in having my tattoo removed. I had a large tattoo on my back and several clinics have quoted very high fees. The quote from the clinic was reasonable. The staff was very courteous and helpful. All smiles. I was even offered tea while I waited. The doctor came in answered all my questions and asked if I had more. He was very calm and confident. I had one treatment and came in again for another. This doctor surpried me by offfering a severely discounted fee when I came fully expecting to fully pay for it. He told me my tattoo was very big and as I had mentioned the financial difficulty I was in he felt compelled to help. I am not one to write reviews for anything. But this was one of those experiences in life where you you just know that you have experienced something special. I was touched by my experience. The doctor is not only good at what he does. He cares about you. I have not had an experience like this before. I had to share.
Redondo Beach, CA
Excellent dermatologist, very experienced, and did a very good job. Nice and friendly staff. the doctor is very caring and answered all of my questions and gave me a good and informative consultation before my actual procedure. 5 stars! Definitely recommend this clinic and Dr. Umar!
Manhattan Beach, CA
Usually when I am looking to make an appointment at a doctors office its hard to find a place that works with my busy schedule, but when I called Fine Touch I was offered the option of going to two offices redondo beach or beverly hills and luckily they were open on a saturday so i made my appointment easily. When I arrived I was greeted by friendly staff and was reassured that all my appointments are strictly confidential. Once I met the dr I knew this would be my new dermatology office. He was very informative and made extra efforts to do a good job and make sure all my concerns were met.
Redondo Beach, CA

Patient Testimonials on Specific Procedures

Radiesse For Laugh Lines

I feel like I I look like I did fifteen years ago when I look at photos of myself…Everyone says I look happier.” – R,  Watch video

Vbeam Laser/Rosacea

You could tell on the first treatment especially for me it…Where the Vbeam hits you, it did a very good job of what it was supposed to do which was get rid of the redness… The Vbeam is definitely the best choice.” – TC, Watch video

Acne Keloidalis Nuchae

I’m happy with the results…and I am more confident. I don’t have to worry about people looking at me from behind. [My wound] closed up pretty quickly in less than two months. You actually followed with the enclosure of the wound…You actually had me come in pretty much every two weeks and remove any accumulation…it pretty much helped the wound close much faster…the resulting scar is much smaller…That was a pleasing experience…I would definitely do it again. Before coming out here, out there, there is a belief that once you have it, it is like a curse, there is nothing you can do about it. But then I came out here and I felt like there was hope. Trust me, I went to many doctors before coming here.” – YM,

Watch video

Before I would try to hide it. Now it’s like I don’t even feel like I have to hide it. I’m more comfortable being out there not worried about people looking at it… I feel relieved that I don’t have to worry about that no more. Every day in the morning I would have to wake up and the first thing it would do is it would itch and I would scratch it. I don’t do that anymore. Without you I would still probably have this.” – EO, Watch video

Botox or Dysport, A Patient’s Before and After Case Study

I feel great! I mostly had Botox but I found that the results with Dysport are quicker and far superior and they just attack the lines a lot faster. Within the same day, I had started noticing a difference.

And I do notice that certain spots are stubborn, like these areas between the brows, it [Dysport] did a great job, the crows feet and these forehead lines especially.

I am very happy and I would like to say that the same day my wife had Dysport done on some very stubborn wrinkles between the brows and Botox just wouldn’t seem to tackle it, but Dysport got rid of it within hours. So I noticed a big difference in her as well.” – AI,   Watch video

Laser Tattoo Removal

“I can wear my sleeveless shirts to work everyday! [My friends] are all so surprised you can’t even see it…I am so happy with it”- MK Watch video

Eyebrow Restoration

“Overplucking over the years, hormone changes, aging, I lost most of my eyebrows and I started tattooing my eyebrows, but that takes a lot of maintenance and you have to go every few months and renew it because it fades away and I was looking for a more permanent solution…and to not have to tattoo them ever again!”  – ST  Watch video

Acne Scar Laser Treatment

When I came to start my treatment, I was really self conscious about my skin and I was wearing makeup all the time. I would never consider leaving home for any reason without makeup and foundation…People say I look happier and people say I look healthier and I look fresh. The overall impression is a happy feeling with people…I am very happy with the result and this is a new me right now…no makeup, no worries. I can just be myself and feel free all the time and I am very grateful I did this…Thank you doctor!” – SM,  Watch video

 Botox- Crows Feet and Frown Lines

I was mistaken for being my daughter’s younger sister which I used to when we were younger. But she’s twenty eight so I thought that was quite a compliment.” – DZ,  Watch video

Laser Skin Resurfacing with Fraxel Dual and Spectra

My face looks smoother. The skin’s more even and I just feel like it looks more youthful…I was in Vegas and I was at the craps table next to a girl who was about twenty five years old who was really pretty and it was about 4:00 in the morning and she looked at me and told me that my skin looked really nice and it was such a compliment because she actually just out of the blue noticed that my skin looked so nice…to have a stranger  notice it is pretty incredible…I had a lot of deep lines…a lot of sun damage on my neck and it looks much better, more refreshed. I would recommend it to everybody.”-  DZ,  Watch video

Improving Complexion By Clearing Age Spots

I love it. Even all my friends love it. They say that “your skin looks tight and it glows.” Even my boyfriend said that and my boyfriend was shocked…I would never expect him to notice anything. He said, “yeah, I see your skin and it glows.”…It is way better than what I read in the brochure. Even my sister…she cannot wait to get it done.” – LP, Watch video

Hydrelle for Laugh Lines

I love it…It didn’t hurt and I didn’t have any bruising at all. I have had two people come in definitely and I’ve told many others. When it wears off, I’ll be back.” Watch video


I was a size nine when we started and went down to a size seven. These jeans [now] are size five.”-  KI, Watch video