Fraxel Procedure| Education for Patients

What Do the Fraxel Setting Numbers Mean?

Fraxel is one of the most talked about skin laser systems in the media. It is helping to change the way we approach common issues such as: –          Acne scars –          Age spots –          Melasma –          Large pores These concerns are caused by tiny structural elements in the skin. And with Fraxel, it is possible

The Cause, Prevention and Treatment of Wrinkles

Anyone who wants to diminish the appearance of creases, lines and sagging should learn about: What causes fine and deep lines Ways to prevent further signs of aging Possible wrinkle treatment options. Individuals are different in how they are predisposed for wrinkles. Different ethnic groups, for example, display different physiological patterns as their skin ages. 

Fraxel Dual Results| Ethnic Skin

Before and After – Asian Skin Laser Treatment with Fraxel Restore Dual

Everyone knows how great Fraxel treatment is, but not everyone knows that it is great for Asian skin complexions also. Traditionally, it has been much more difficult to treat darker skinned people for signs of aging, but now with this state of the art technology this is no longer the case. Asians can now subscribe

Fraxel Procedure| Education for Patients

Fraxel Restore Used To Treat Acne Scars on the Face

In this video Dr. Umar uses the Fraxel SR 1500 model to rejuvenate the skin. The Fraxel SR 1500 is an excellent treatment for the following presentations: Acne scars Melasma (mark of pregnancy) Age Spots / Brown Spotes Wrinkles Pores Fraxel SR1500 treatment is typically done over 3-6 sessions each lasting about 30-45minutes. This laser