Botox can make a huge lifestyle difference for individuals who have issues with excessive sweating.

Severe forms of underarm sweating can distract and disrupt individuals from their daily lives.  People who suffer from this  medical disorder ( also known as primary axillary hyperhydrosis) often devote hours of their day or week  to managing their condition. This includes:

1)      Frequent changing of clothes

2)      Routines devoted to packing and gathering supplies such as: extra clothes, antiperspirants, powders and towels

3)      Frequently laundry washing

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Botox can help save a lot of time for those who suffer from excessive sweating*

What Is Considered to Be Excessive Sweating

Individuals who suffer from excessive sweating will sweat four times more than the average person to maintain a normal body temperature.

 How Does Botox Work For Treating Excess Sweating

Botox works by blocking the release of acetylcholine from nerve fibers. This is an excitatory chemical signal.  It will communicate with facial muscles, causing them to contract and contribute to wrinkles.

Acetylcholine is also released by nerves, causing sweat glands to become overly active.

Botox for sweating will prevent the release of this chemical. Without this input, the activity of sweat glands will become more regular.

Research Study On Botox For Prolific Sweating

A research study on the use of Botox for sweating concluded that the injection treatment offers lasting relief. In a two year study of 193 subjects, 94% needed four or less injections during their second year to manage their sweating.

The study also revealed that the subjects were happier with their lives due to their treatments. They reported:

1)      Greater satisfaction with their ability to perform work tasks

2)      Improved emotional states (compared to feeling “emotionally damaged or injured” prior to their treatments

3)      Less inhibition in social situations

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