This patient had genetically thin eyebrows and wanted to do something about it. They made him feel self-conscious, especially after his brother teased him about their sparseness. Over the years, they continued to grow thinner and thinner. The patient, an advocate of health and fitness, says, “I want to look and feel good. I really like how prominent eyebrows frame the face and give a more youthful look.”

His wife accompanied him during the first interview portion of the video, and confirmed that his lack of eyebrow hair has always bothered him. She supports his decision. “If the technology is available, you [Dr. Umar] have the skill, and he’ll feel so much better about himself, why not do it?”

Eyebrow Hair Transplant with Dr. Umar’s Unique Method

Standard methods of eyebrow transplant–even the ones that use FUE–harvest the donor hair from the scalp. But Dr. Umar favors hair from the nape of the neck or the legs. These regions produce hairs with a thinner shaft that grow shorter and more slowly than scalp hair. Thus, Dr. Umar’s distinct approach yields more aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-maintain results. The new growth blends well with surrounding eyebrow hair and gives a soft, natural appearance. It also requires far less trimming than scalp hair would require.

To fill both of this patient’s naturally sparse eyebrows, Dr. Umar harvested 300 hairs from the legs. Six months following the minimally invasive surgery, his brows have already grown in and shown great improvement. He is satisfied with the outcome and the way his new brows frame his face; additionally pleased that they only need to be trimmed every three to four weeks. Showing off the donor area of his legs, he acknowledges it has all healed well and there is no scarring to be seen.

Before and After Photos – Male Patient

Side View|Sparse Brows Before Surgery

Male patient with faint brows prior to his eyebrow transplantation.*

Sparse Eyebrows| Front View

Minimal eyebrow hair density caused patient to feel self conscious about his appearance.*

Eyebrow Transplant | Leg Hair Grafts- Final Results

Eyebrow transplant results created better density and the subtle definition that the patient desired.*

Eyebrow Shape| Transplant Surgery With Leg Hair Grafts

With the thin quality of leg hair grafts, the patient was able to achieve the natural looking prominence that the patient wanted for his eyebrows.*

Video of Patient’s Eyebrow Transplant Results – Leg Hair Grafts

Watch this video to learn more about this patient’s eyebrow transplant outcome using donor grafts extracted from the legs.

Your Own Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Eyebrow hair transplant can make a subtle, yet remarkable change to a person’s face. They are an important feature to both expression and cosmetic beauty. If you have thin eyebrows and are tired of feeling insecure, this procedure may be the answer you need. Stop penciling, stop tattooing, get real eyebrows restored permanently. Don’t hesitate to fill out our free online consultation form.