Hair loss is a prevalent issue among both men and women. However, when we think of balding and thinning hair, we tend to think of scalp hair. But eyebrow hair loss is not uncommon. There are many reasons a person might lose hair in this region. And now, there is a permanent way to get that lost hair back–without tattoos or cosmetic pencil.

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Causes of Eyebrow Hair Loss

For women, a common cause of eyebrow hair loss is tweezing the brows too thin over a number of years. As trends have changed (from thin eyebrows being the look to thick eyebrows being in) the over-plucked hair no longer grows back. Genetics, aging and hormonal fluctuations contribute to female brow thinning, as well as male brow thinning.

In fact, men commonly seek out eyebrow transplant due to the fact that thicker eyebrows appear masculine and youthful. Other reasons for thinning eyebrow hair or a total loss of hair include:

  • Chemotherapy (usually grows back on its own, but this is sometimes not the case)
  • Surgical scarring
  • Scarring from an accident
  • Burns
  • Trichotillomania
  • Autoimmune disorders

KNBC Health News talks eyebrow hair transplant with Dr. Umar in this video clip:

What is Eyebrow Transplant?

Eyebrow transplant, also called eyebrow hair transplant, is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that takes hair from another region of the head or body and repurposes it to fill the brow region. These repurposed follicles are called donor hair. Most typical surgeons use donor hair from the back of the scalp to help conceal the scarring. Dr. Umar found, from his experience, that this hair is not ideal for producing the most aesthetically flattering result for a few reasons:

1. It is the thickest hair on the scalp, and as such does not blend well along the eyebrows

2. It grows quickly, which requires frequent trimming after implantation

3. It will continue to grow to its innate length, which would be several inches or feet without trimming

Dr. Umar found a different way. Using only follicular unit extraction, and particularly his uGraft tool, which refines the process, donor hairs can be extracted from almost anywhere. For eyebrow transplant, he derives hair from the nape of the neck, the arms, or the legs. Hair grows thinner in these areas. It also grows slower, and to a shorter length. Arm and leg hair additionally grow with a slight curve that is found naturally in eyebrow hair.

Dr. Umar’s uGraft tool punches out the hair in customized, 1 millimeter extractions that reduce risk of follicle damage and ill wound healing. These tiny punches, or incisions, do not need to be stitched, stapled, or closed in any way. They close and heal naturally in a matter of weeks. Scarring in both the donor and recipient regions is nearly imperceptible to the naked eye.

Dr. Umar is the only Los Angeles eyebrow transplant surgeon available, and among the best in the world. He is one of the only to offer the sophistication of non-scalp donor hairs.

Eyebrow Transplant Testimonials

This woman struggled with her thin eyebrows for years. For her, the cause was aging and over-tweezing earlier on. Though she tried tattoos and daily make-up application to correct it, constant maintenance of both of these temporary fixes grew daunting. She presented to Dr. Umar for his permanent procedure and is extremely pleased with her results.

eyebrow transplant patient before and after

Eyebrow Transplant Patient Before and After*

This gentleman had genetically thin eyebrows that always made him feel insecure. He was aware of his preference for thick, youthful eyebrows that frame the face. And the fact that his brother teased him about his lack of brow hair made him feel even worse. He finally decided to do something about it and is very happy that he did. Dr. Umar’s procedure gave him the full, young looking eyebrows he’d always wanted.

eyebrow transplant results from using leg hair donor

Eyebrow Transplant Result from using Leg Hair Donor.*

This woman’s genetic eyebrow thinning was compounded by the hormonal changes that accompany the aging process. She tried filling them in for years, but remained embarrassed, knowing that they didn’t look natural. Her eyebrow transplant with Dr. Umar made all the difference. Though the results are subtle, having fuller, shapely eyebrows made a dramatic improvement to her appearance.

eyebrow hair transplant results

Eyebrow Hair Transplant Results*

Free Eyebrow Transplant Consultation

If you’re in the Los Angeles area or willing to travel for top of the line care, Dr. Umar is the doctor you’re looking for to perform eyebrow transplant. Downtime is nominal and you’ll return to work within a few days. Healing occurs within approximately 14 days, and new growth manifests 4 to 6 months post-surgery. Fill out our free online consultation to get started on your way to beautiful, permanent brows.

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