Leading Cause of Age Spots| Excessive Sun Exposure

How a Los Angeles Dermatologist for Sun Damage Improves Skin

A sun protection skin care regimen prevents and reduces the amount and appearance of sun damage and age spots. Additionally being mindful with preventative measures, in addition to a customized skin care regimen, decreases your chances for developing skin cancer. A Los Angels dermatologist for sun damage and age spots can help you improve skin

Dr. U| Sanusi Umar MD - Board Certified Dermatologist

Los Angeles Dermatologist Dr. Sanusi Umar

Beauty and a youthful appearance are paramount in Los Angeles. Many residents try to achieve or maintain both beauty and youthfulness with exercise, a healthy diet and skin care regimen. However, often times consulting with a Los Angeles dermatologist and undergoing a treatment regimen is necessary to achieve certain goals. Numerous treatment and procedures are available

Dr. Umar |KCAL 9

Los Angeles Dermatologist Dr. Umar Discusses Hair Loss Prevention on KCAL 9

Dr. Umar made an appearance on KCAL 9 to share easy tips to prevent the extent of hair loss. Hair loss can happen in two ways: Breakage of the hair shaft Release of the hair shaft from the roots Although the main cause lies in our genetics, there are ways we can minimize the progression

Eyebrow Transplant| UGraft and Nape Hair

Patient With Fuller Brows 9 Months After Eyebrow Hair Transplant Procedure

Nine months ago, Sarah Tirosh underwent an eyebrow hair transplant procedure performed by Dr. Umar. She experienced hair loss in her brow areas due to over plucking and normal physiological changes due to age. Instead of having to constantly reapply tattoos, which tend to fade, she wanted a more permanent and natural  looking solution. Dr.

Dermatologist| Questions to Ask

Higher Patient Satisfaction For Board Certified Dermatologist & Other Core Providers

Advances in cosmetic procedures have made it possible for people to have greater choices and control over their physical appearance. While these changes may seem exciting, patients need to be aware that these types of treatments are medical procedures. They are not to be thought of as regular beauty treatments, like getting a facial or

Los Angeles Makeup Artist – Katy Holland

A Los Angeles dermatologist can help enhance the skin at a physiological level. Correcting the signs of sun damage like age spots and fine lines leaves the skin ready for beautiful makeup application. Makeup artist, Katy Holland is a graduate of LA’s Cinema Makeup School. As a makeup artist, she loves helping her clients showcase their unique beauty.

Botox For Lifting the Eye Brows According to Los Angeles Dermatologist Dr. Umar

Although Botox is commonly used as a wrinkle treatment, it can also be applied for the correction droopy eyebrows. According to Los Angeles dermatologist,  Dr. Umar, the tail of the eyebrows descends with age in some individuals. This is due to the weakening of connective tissue and skin around the eyes which is a tendency

Los Angeles Dermatologist Recommendations for Wrinkles Around the Eyes

Fine lines under the eyes are among the very first signs of aging that people notice as they get older.  Sometimes, these are noticed as early as the teen years.  If left untreated, they can progress into more prominent wrinkles. According to dermatologists, this is because the tissue in this area is quite thin and

The Cause, Prevention and Treatment of Wrinkles

Anyone who wants to diminish the appearance of creases, lines and sagging should learn about: What causes fine and deep lines Ways to prevent further signs of aging Possible wrinkle treatment options. Individuals are different in how they are predisposed for wrinkles. Different ethnic groups, for example, display different physiological patterns as their skin ages.