Laser Tattoo Removal and Boosting Immune System Health

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  • Improving Laser Tattoo Removal | Ways to Get Better Results

Although lasers are approved by the FDA and the medical community for safe and effective tattoo removal, their job is simply to break down the ink pigment. The actual clearing is conducted by the scavenging phagocytic cells that are part of your immune system. Therefore, the question of how to boost one’s immune functioning is often asked by patients who wish to expedite the results of their laser tattoo removal treatments. Long Term Lifestyle Habits Improving one’s immune system is not a goal that should only be considered while undergoing laser sessions to clear away an unwanted tattoo. According to […]

Achieving Freedom From Wrinkles & Pigmentation With Lasers

  • Fraxel Dual| Los Angeles

It can’t be denied that with age everyone gets a few wrinkles. Before the advent of modern cosmetic procedures, we had no choice.  We had to cope with the aging structure of the face and live with it. However, society does attach a stigma to older looking men and women who are often viewed as being less attractive and having reduced vigor and energy compared to their younger counterparts. This propels many individuals to would like to do just about anything to help them get back their fresh, plump face that they used to have. Treating Wrinkles and Pigmentation Beneath […]

Improve Your Face At Any Age With Radiesse

  • Stronger Chin|Using Radiesse

Gravity can take a toll on some, especially as the age numbers increase. This is a fact of life. One may have thought their appearance is something they have to accept.  But now there are options to reverse these effects, even in one’s mature  years. There may be a variety of well marketed beauty products and cosmetic treatments. But Radiesse is able to provide incomparable results for different regions of the face in just a matter of minutes. Radiesse – An Amazing Dermal Filler Radiesse  can offer a non-surgical cheek lift that allows one to walk in-an -out of the […]

Get Glowing Skin By Treating Unwanted Age Spots

  • Brown Spots on Face| Clear Complexion

Skin is the largest organ of the body that often creates feelings of concern since it affects our appearance. After all, skin is visible, and therefore often judged by others. Maintaining glowing skin can be challenging, since it reacts to the environment, and changes in appearance overtime. Millions of people feel insecure about  some type of imperfection in their skin.  And these emotions can intensify due to flawless looking images of models and celebrities seen on magazine covers and other forms of media. Clear, healthy looking skin is desired by many. Therefore, cosmetic companies are constantly developing new products and […]

How to Get A Perfect Nose Quickly

  • Los Angeles Patient's Non-Surgical Nose Job Results

People often gawk over babies as being angelic, flawless humans with a perfect little nose.  Babies are born with perfect skin and features. Their bones are not developed to have any sort of unwanted bump that affects one’s appearance. It is not until later in life, as the nose bridge takes shape,  that one begins to notice the deviations that will appear.  This can result either from genetics, or an accident of some sort that has left a bump on their body, or even face. As the face begins to develop and form into its permanent disposition during the teenage […]

Skin Clinic Tips for Improving Sun-Damaged Skin and Age Spots

  • Laser Resurfacing| Los Angeles

SKIN CLINIC TIPS TO AVOID SUN-DAMAGED SKIN AND AGE SPOTS Spending time in the sun at the beach or mountain is pleasurable, but FineTouch Dermatology skin clinic warns that the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can be damaging to your skin. You need to be proactive about avoiding sun-damaged skin, even after summer is over. Dr. Umar and our skin clinic reveal that excessive sun exposure can contribute to sun spots, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, broken blood vessels, as well as increasing your risk for skin cancer. It doesn’t even take excessive, ongoing sun exposure to […]

Why Laser May Be the Best Treatment For Acne

  • Severe Acne|Patient Before & After Treatment

The puberty years may seem to linger for some who experience acne in adulthood. At least that is how it is often perceived. That is not true though. What is often a huge misconception of acne is that it only occurs in adolescent years. So what about the adults that suffer from acne? What Causes Adult Acne? It is true that even grown ups can also be plagued by break outs, years after adolescence. Hormonal fluctuations may continue to affect the adult body. Surges of androgens will cause the sebaceous glands to get bigger and release more oil. This will […]

How To Achieve Vibrant Looking Skin

  • Laser Solutions For Difficult Acne Cases

In life there comes a point where one may look in the mirror one day and realize their skin is not as vibrant as it used to be.  Vibrant looking skin is important for many people these days, especially since we live in an image-based society. Skin is the first component of the body that reveals so much about a person’s age, and any type of existing skin condition. Unlike the body,  the face, cannot be covered up, other than with makeup.  This is a huge concern for some people who may suffer from a visible unwanted  skin conditions. Nowadays, […]

Want to Change the Look of Your Eyebrows?

  • Eyebrow Hair Transplant Results - Los Angeles Patient

Looking back at memorabilia of yourself when you were a young adult may strike you by surprise now, especially if you want to change your eyebrow’s appearance. Some people naturally lose more brow hairs over time. This may be due to hormones or other factors. Others may be guilty of over plucking or over waxing. What many people are unaware of is that excessive tweezing causes scarce brows later on.  So extremely thin arches may not be worth it in the long run.   Eyebrow hairs grow back approximately four months after they are removed. Therefore over plucking will not […]

How to Regain a Plump Youthful Looking Face With Restylane

  • Restylane| Restoring Facial Tissue Volume

Overtime the face may start to droop. This is often related to the inevitable force of gravity which pulls our tissues downward as one continues to blow out birthday candles each year.  Also muscles, fat and connective tissue below the skin will atrophy over time due to various causes and natural aging processes. However, this appearance can be reversed, believe it or not. The key is to restore volume into the depleted areas. When done correctly, this can effectively revitalize a person’s appearance. Restylane For A Younger Looking Face Hyaluronic acid fillers, which are modeled after a natural lubricating substance […]