After receiving a successful course of acne treatment at DermHair Clinic using the Spectra laser and medications, it was time to address the next step; this patient had been left with severe acne scars. Dr. Umar approached her scarring with the Fraxel Dual laser, due to its effectiveness and safety for use on African Americans and other people with darker skin tones.

Measurable Acne Scar Improvement With Fraxel Dual

It only took three sessions to see a remarkable improvement. Now, four months after the start of her acne scar treatment, the patient proudly and confidently shows off her make-up-free skin.

Dr. Umar conducted a computerized (VISIA) complexion analysis before and after her scar removal, for a numbers-based testimony of the improvement. The results show major percentile jumps in refined skin texture, reduced pore size, decreased acne-causing bacterial activity, and a significant reduction of brown spots.

The patient remarks that, in not needing to wear make-up anymore, she can be more herself. She highly recommends this treatment to anyone going through a struggle with acne and acne scars, adding, “In meeting [Dr. Umar] I was able to get results that I wasn’t able to get before.” Watch the video of her acne scare treatment before and after.

Acne Scar Treatment| Patient's Face - Three Quarter's View

three quarters view of patient’s face showing dramatic improvement in the appearance of her acne scars*


Laser treatment| Fraxel Dual For Acne Scarring on Ethnic Skin

Patient’s skin texture is noticeably smoother due to the use of lasers*


Patient Results| Acne Scar Reduction - Before & After Images

Front view of patient before and after her laser acne scar treatment*


Visia profile before and after laser Acne Treatment in Los Angeles

VISIA digital analysis of acne scar improvement due to laser treatment*