Skin Tan| Dangers of Spray Tans

The Dangers of Spray Tans

Most people are now aware of the damage to the skin that UV rays can cause. Excessive and ongoing exposure can make individuals look older prematurely by damaging collagen in the skin. On a more serious level, UV radiation can also contribute to cancer. However, having a bronze glow is considered to be attractive. So

Unwanted Pigmentation| Fraxel Dual

Age Spots and Sun Spots, Almost One and The Same

It is true that as we age, the skin changes. It loses elasticity and firmness and also begins to produce more melanin. Add sun exposure to that equation and you’ve got even more melanin (the skin’s natural sun block) being pumped out as additional skin protection. The overabundance of melanocyte cells ends up clustering together

How to Choose the Right Sunscreen

Although we are advised to wear sunscreen on a daily basis to protect our skin from wrinkles and sun damage, choosing the right product can be confusing because there are so many factors to consider.   Concepts like of SPF, UVA and UVB protection are not intuitive. Most people only have a vague understanding of what these

Fraxel Dual Clears Age Spots in Los Angeles Patient

Los Angeles Fraxel Laser Treatments For Brown Spots-Before and After

Here in Los Angeles, Fraxel Dual and Fraxel Repair lasers are available at Fine Touch Dermatology for the treatment of all skin tones. Laser skin treatment for ethnic groups used to involve greater risk of side effects due to the risk of scarring and hyperpigmentation.  Darker skin types have higher levels of melanin which readily

Fraxel Repair for Skin Rejuvenation

Before Procedure: The patient was concerned about age spots which she has not been able to remove with topical medications and facials Procedure: Fraxel Repair laser was used to treat the entire face; Results are shown at only 3 weeks after the treatment Fraxel repair delivers ablative laser result with less down time. Fraxel Repair

Removing Rosacea and Redness with the Perfecta Vbeam

If you have been diagnosed with any condition of the skin that has created redness from broken and/or inflamed blood vessels, the best  treatment is a vascular laser known as the Perfecta Vbeam. With the ability to ease redness, Vbeam can be utilized to remove irritation left behind from acne and for spider veins on the body and

Photos of Los Angeles Patient's Fraxel Repair Results

Fraxel Repair Solutions

One of the most popular fractional lasers is Fraxel Repair. Fraxel Repair is a revolutionary laser treatment that has the capabilities to correct deeper wrinkles, tighten skin, and remove years from a person’s appearance. Much more safer, effective, and comfortable than other surgical procedures, Fraxel Repair has life changing benefits for people of all skin

Age Spot Treatment| Removal Services

About the Fraxel Restore Dual System for Acne Scarring, Wrinkles, Sun Spots

As the new addition to the Fraxel family, the Fraxel Restore Dual System is the best of its kind. In this leading non-ablative system, a new Thulium wavelength has been added to better enable and address pigmentation and other dyschromia on the entire body with minimal discomfort. With this new machine, the predictability and consistency