Is Poikiloderma Caused By Sun Damage?

Some may not even recognize it as a skin condition, as we live in a sunbathing culture where age spots and redness abound. And although poikiloderma is not harmful and is not considered a disease (but rather, a response pattern of the skin), many find it cosmetically displeasing. Is the condition caused by sun damage?

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Los Angeles Patient Receives Vbeam to Clear Rosacea – Before and After

  Los Angeles patient before and after Rosacea treatment with VbeamPoikiloderma and Rosacea are both vascular conditions that result in skin redness. Eliminating the symptoms means eliminating the blood vessels responsible for causing them. The Vbeam laser system uses a single wavelength (595nm) which is suitable for being absorbed by oxygenated hemoglobin in the blood.