Ongoing acne and acne scars plagued this patient through college. She’d tried medications, but none of them worked, so she presented to Dr. Umar hoping for an effective acne treatment. He started with the Spectra laser and a few medications to effectively treat the active problem, which the patient reports went away after only two treatments. From there, Dr. Umar moved on to treat her acne scars with the Fraxel Dual laser. Both lasers are ideal because they’re safe for people with darker skin.

Video Testimonial For Patient After Her Acne & Scar Laser Procedures

The patient’s acne and acne scars are nearly undetectable five months post-treatment. “I love my skin now,” she says. Watch the video of her acne treatment results.

Acne scar treatment before and after Fraxel dual in a los angeles patient

Before and after photos of Fraxel Dual, which was used to help clear patient’s acne scars*