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Get Glowing Skin By Treating Unwanted Age Spots

Skin is the largest organ of the body that often creates feelings of concern since it affects our appearance. After all, skin is visible, and therefore often judged by others. Maintaining glowing skin can be challenging, since it reacts to the environment, and changes in appearance overtime. Millions of people feel insecure about  some type

Brown Spots on Face| Clear Complexion

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Ultraviolet (UV) light is a main contributor to the signs of aging, such as wrinkles, uneven skin tone and sagging skin. Rays from the sun and tanning beds radiate this invisible radiation. The texture of your skin eventually changes if you are exposed to excessive UV light. While prevention and healthy skin care regimens are

Leading Cause of Age Spots| Excessive Sun Exposure

Causes of Age Spots and Treatment Options

Age Spots on the skin result from high concentrations or clusters of melanin, which gives skin its color. Melanin is pigment on the epidermis that is also responsible for tans. Ultraviolet (UV) light accelerates melanin production in order to protect deeper layers of the skin from overexposure. Years of exposure to the sun’s UV light,

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Radiesse As A Nonsurgical Way to Reshape the Nose, Cheeks and Chin

Research suggests that we are wired to perceive a universal consensus on what faces are considered to be beautiful. At the University of Exeter , newborns (as young as a few hours old to 2 days) were shown attractive and non attractive faces. The babies spent about 80% of the time looking at the attractive

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Los Angeles Age Spot Treatment With Fraxel Dual

This patient in Los Angeles wanted to get rid of age spots on her skin. Several of them were quite pronounced and noticeable in their appearance. Why Fraxel Dual Was Recommended to Treat Age Spots An effective age spot treatment needs to be able to reach the melanin below the skin’s surface. Topical treatments like

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Before and After Age Spot Treatment With Fraxel Dual -Video of Los Angeles Patient

This Los Angeles patient wanted to get rid of brown spots that was on her face.  There were several areas where this was quite prominent. Fraxel Dual was used as an age spot treatment to help address this. Age spots are caused by sun damage. The skin tries to protect itself by producing high levels of

Unwanted Pigmentation| Fraxel Dual

Age Spots and Sun Spots, Almost One and The Same

It is true that as we age, the skin changes. It loses elasticity and firmness and also begins to produce more melanin. Add sun exposure to that equation and you’ve got even more melanin (the skin’s natural sun block) being pumped out as additional skin protection. The overabundance of melanocyte cells ends up clustering together

Is Poikiloderma Caused By Sun Damage?

Some may not even recognize it as a skin condition, as we live in a sunbathing culture where age spots and redness abound. And although poikiloderma is not harmful and is not considered a disease (but rather, a response pattern of the skin), many find it cosmetically displeasing. Is the condition caused by sun damage?

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Skin Toning, Peeling and More With the Versatile Spectra Laser

The Spectra Laser by Lutronic is able to effectively remove a wide array of unwanted skin issues and treat both the face and body, allowing dermatologists to address wrinkles, pigmentation, vascular issues and acne scars. Results are considered comparable and even superior to chemical peels. Features of the Spectra Laser The Spectra laser is one