Los Angeles Patient - Fraxel Dual for Surgical Scar

Surgical Scar Treatment Results With Fraxel Dual

Scar tissue generally develops as a way for the skin to heal itself from trauma. Injuries can can be caused by heat, inflammation or impact from a sharp object. Fibroblast cells in the dermis will produce very thick collagen tissue. This is done to help fortify and protect the skin. However, many individuals are not

Laser Solutions For Difficult Acne Cases

Fraxel Dual Laser Corrects Acne Scars on African American Skin

After receiving a successful course of acne treatment at DermHair Clinic using the Spectra laser and medications, it was time to address the next step; this patient had been left with severe acne scars. Dr. Umar approached her scarring with the Fraxel Dual laser, due to its effectiveness and safety for use on African Americans