Leg Vein Removal for Smoother Legs

Los Angeles Leg Vein Removal – Before and After

Leg veins become visible as a result of dysfunctional valves within the blood vessels. These valves help the blood move in a single direction back up to the heart after they have delivered oxygen to cells in the body.  But they can become weak due to factors like genetics or ongoing pressure.  This causes blood

Laser and Other Therapies Used for Leg Vein Removal

Veins in the legs tend to worsen with age and become unsightly. However, they can also become medically burdensome, causing pain, swelling, and heaviness. Whether you want your veins gone for aesthetic purposes, or for an improvement in your physical health, there are a few different treatments to address leg vein removal. Why Do Veins

Spider Vein Removal|Los Angeles

Los Angeles Leg Vein Laser Treatment – Before and After

This Los Angeles  patient underwent leg vein removal to remove spider veins. The majority of the leg veins were < 3mm in width. It was decided that Laser treatment with Nd:Yag laser is an ideal choice of treatment. Veins greater than 3mm in width may may call for sclerotherapy. In 2002, Dr. Umar and colleagues

Los Angeles Dermatologist: Leg Veins and Sclerotheraphy by Dr. Umar

Before having the laser treatment, the patient complained of having spider veins on her legs. The majority of her leg veins were &lt; 3mm in width. After her consultation with Dr. Umar in Los Angeles, it was decided that laser treatment with Nd:Yag laser was an ideal choice of treatment. In addition, veins greater than