Getting Rid of Birthmarks| Seeking Treatment

Causes of Birthmarks and Removal Treatments

Birthmarks are irregularities of the skin that appear at birth or in the first months of infancy. They are generally harmless and many disappear and/or shrink over time. However, some may be associated with other health issues. The triggers that initially cause most birthmark formations remain unknown. THE APPEARANCE OF BIRTHMARKS Birthmark appearance ranges. Some

Removing Birthmark| Use of Laser Treatment

Birthmark Removal With Laser Skin Treatment

We usually think of a birthmark as a small, harmless marking in some obscure place on the body, usually out of plain sight. However, more often than we realize, birthmarks can be large, unsightly spots on the skin or even on the face. They can be embarrassing, cosmetically displeasing, and possibly disfiguring. There are many

“Angel’s Kiss” Not So Heavenly? The Pearly Gateway to Birthmark Removal

Birthmarks come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Certain types are very rare, while one type occurs in nearly 50% of all infants. For some people, these congenital markings are celebrated as a representation of uniqueness and individuality. For others, they are nothing more than an embarrassing cosmetic disfigurement. The latter may be interested