Non-Surgical Cheek Lift| Patient Photos- Radiesse

Non Surgical Cheek Lift With Radiesse in Los Angeles Patient

This Los Angeles patient underwent a non surgical cheek lift with a Radiesse procedure to achieve subtle refinements on her face. She also wanted to improve the appearance of her sunken tear troughs.  Another target areas was to address the marionette lines which had developed around her mouth. Radiesse is very unique compared to many

Los Angeles Patient Receives Treatment For Frown Lines

Los Angeles Belotero- Getting Rid of Frown Lines

This patient had two static vertical lines between her brows. She did not want to use Botox to treat the muscles responsible for causing these frown lines.  Instead she chose to just address these fine lines. Belotero was used to get rid of them.  There are three product variations. However the FDA approved one of

Los Angeles patient receives Belotero for fine smile line

Belotero Gets Rid of Fine Line on Los Angeles Patient’s Face

This patient in Los Angeles underwent a Belotero procedure. She  had developed a shallow vertical line on the left side of her face.  One might assume that finer creases are less severe than deeper ones,  therefore they should be easier to treat.  With injections and fillers, this is not the case. Challenges of Using Dermal

Eyebrow Transplant| UGraft and Nape Hair

Patient With Fuller Brows 9 Months After Eyebrow Hair Transplant Procedure

Nine months ago, Sarah Tirosh underwent an eyebrow hair transplant procedure performed by Dr. Umar. She experienced hair loss in her brow areas due to over plucking and normal physiological changes due to age. Instead of having to constantly reapply tattoos, which tend to fade, she wanted a more permanent and natural  looking solution. Dr.

Age Spot Treatment| Removal Services

Los Angeles Age Spot Treatment With Fraxel Dual

This patient in Los Angeles wanted to get rid of age spots on her skin. Several of them were quite pronounced and noticeable in their appearance. Why Fraxel Dual Was Recommended to Treat Age Spots An effective age spot treatment needs to be able to reach the melanin below the skin’s surface. Topical treatments like

Radiesse| Filling Laugh Lines Around Nose & Mouth

Los Angeles Radiesse Treats Laugh Lines & Rejuvenates Lower Face

            One of the signs of aging that is not so obvious to most people are the nasolabial folds (also known as laugh lines) around the mouth and nose.  These lines resemble parenthesis in this area of of the face. Over time,  these laugh lines become deeper and more pronounced,

Augmented Lips With Juvederm| Before and After

Los Angeles Juvederm & Subtle Lip Augmentation Results

              In many cases, the results of lip augmentation procedures are very obvious. Usually, this is because patients request more injection in their top lip for a more dramatic appearance which has been popularized somewhat by the media. This particular result has been nicknamed, “duck lips,” by those who

Laser Solutions For Difficult Acne Cases

Fraxel Dual Laser Corrects Acne Scars on African American Skin

After receiving a successful course of acne treatment at DermHair Clinic using the Spectra laser and medications, it was time to address the next step; this patient had been left with severe acne scars. Dr. Umar approached her scarring with the Fraxel Dual laser, due to its effectiveness and safety for use on African Americans

Laser Solutions For Difficult Acne Cases

Spectra and Fraxel Dual For Acne and Scars

Ongoing acne and acne scars plagued this patient through college. She’d tried medications, but none of them worked, so she presented to Dr. Umar hoping for an effective acne treatment. He started with the Spectra laser and a few medications to effectively treat the active problem, which the patient reports went away after only two