Non Surgical Cheek Lift with Radiesse

Los Angeles patient before and after her Radiesse non surgical cheek lift procedure*

This Los Angeles patient underwent a non surgical cheek lift with a Radiesse procedure to achieve subtle refinements on her face. She also wanted to improve the appearance of her sunken tear troughs.  Another target areas was to address the marionette lines which had developed around her mouth.

Radiesse is very unique compared to many dermal fillers that are available.  The injection solution is a suspension of calcium hydroxyapatite microspheres suspended in a gel. This calcium compound not only adds volume, but it can lift and provide structural support as well.  Once administered, it will conform to the surrounding areas of tissue.  With this patient, it was used to fill soft areas:

(1) tear troughs

(2) marionette lines

Los Angeles Radiesse For Non Surgical Cheek Lift Procedures

And it was also used to reshape the appearance of her cheekbones.  Because Radiesse is made of calcium, it offers the firmness needed to achieve the shape and fullness that this patient desired.  Once it is injected into areas like the cheeks, chin and nose, doctors can manually  create the right form.

The before and after pictures of this patient shows a positive  difference that she was quite pleased with.

Using Radiesse For Tear Troughs

A common area of concern that many people share is the darkness and sunken prominence of the tear troughs beneath the eyes.  A main advantage that Radiesse offers is that it is white, not clear.  Clear fillers are commonly available for use in cosmetic procedures. However they are subject to a physics phenomenon called the Tyndall effect. When light passes through a clear colloid, it will appear blue. This will make the tear troughs look darker.  This will not happen with Radiesse.

The results of Radiesse will last different lengths of time for different patients. Usually, the filler will last between nine to eighteen months.  Within this time the gel will be absorbed by the body and new collagen fibers will occupy this space.

Radiesse Non Surgical Cheek Lift Procedures for Individuals in Los Angeles

Men and women who are interested in using Radiesse for a non surgical cheek lift or other  anti aging purpose may sign up for a complimentary consultation at our office.