Augmented Lips With Juvederm| Before and After

Los Angeles Juvederm & Subtle Lip Augmentation Results

              In many cases, the results of lip augmentation procedures are very obvious. Usually, this is because patients request more injection in their top lip for a more dramatic appearance which has been popularized somewhat by the media. This particular result has been nicknamed, “duck lips,” by those who

Before Lip Augmentation Treatment With Juvederm

Before and After Lip Enhancement with Juvederm In Los Angeles Patient

Many patients  strive for “pillow lips,” during enhancement procedures. Typically this is  inspired by celebrities. However the Los Angeles patient in this video made it very clear that she did not want  conspicuous duck-like results. She cites  Goldie Hawn in the movie,  Ex Wives Club as an example of the unnatural looking results she did

Results of Dermal Filler Treatment For Laugh Lines

Juvederm For Laugh Lines or Nasolabial Folds- Before and After

At the Office of Dr. U, patients in Los Angeles can receive  Juvederm which is a hyaluronic acid filler that can effectively correct prominent nasolabial folds and laugh lines. Juvederm easily diffuses into  the injection site to augment and hydrate tissue. The results are quite natural in appearance. Hydrelle is also another type of hyaluronic acid

Results of Lip Enhancement Using Juvederm

Patient in Los Angeles Receives Juvederm for Lip Enhancement- Before and After

                Juvederm is a dermal filler made of hyaluronic acid, which is naturally found in our bodies.  Because its chemical structure is ideal for augmenting and hydrating tissue, Juvederm can be used for lip enhancements. This Los Angeles patient received Juvederm in her lips to make them look more plump.