This patient in Los Angeles wanted to get rid of age spots on her skin. Several of them were quite pronounced and noticeable in their appearance.

Los Angeles Age Spot Treatment

Los Angeles patient prior to her age spot treatment with Fraxel Dual*

Why Fraxel Dual Was Recommended to Treat Age Spots

An effective age spot treatment needs to be able to reach the melanin below the skin’s surface. Topical treatments like chemical peels try to attack the issue from top down. Generally the results are not predictable. Topical prescription treatments like hydroquinone work to disrupt the melanin production process. But results take a long time.

Fraxel Dual, which was recommended for this patient,  is a safe laser system that can penetrate the skin below the surface to break up organelles that contain the pigment.  The lymphatic system then carries away the remains of this process.

Measurable Improvement From Using Fraxel Dual As An Age Spot Treatment

This patient experienced a significant improvement in her complexion.  She underwent a VISIA skin analysis which assigned a score to her skin before and after her Fraxel Dual age spot treatment.

  • Initially, she was ranked in the 54th percentile.
  • And after undergoing just one procedure, she was placed in the 91st percentile.
Before and After Age Spot Treatment with Fraxel Dual

before and after VISIA skin analysis showing quantitative improvement from the Fraxel Dual age spot treatment*









Before and After 2 Fraxel Dual Age Spot Treatment in Los Angeles

before and after Fraxel Dual treatment for age spots*







Before and After 3 of Removing Prominent Age Spot with Fraxel Dual

Prominent age spot showed significant improvement in Los Angeles patient after Fraxel Dual treatment*








In addition to an improvement in the appearance of age spots, the patient experienced other benefits:

1. Her skin felt much smoother and softer.

In her interview, she remarked:

“I feel ten years younger with my skin…the way it feels…it feels so nice and soft.  It feels even. I feel like I have a whole set of new skin…I’ve had a lot of people comment [on it].”  

The heat energy from the laser stimulates the production of new collagen fibers in the dermal layer. This improves the skin’s firmness and elasticity.

2. The size of her pores had become much smaller as a result of her age spot treatment with Fraxel Dual. The laser’s ability to trigger new collagen synthesis helps to tighten enlarged pores.

Dr. Umar commented that Fraxel Dual can reverse the signs of aging on the skin by at least five years if not more.  The  treatment process works in a series of layers. Subsequent procedures bring additional and noticeable benefits for the skin.