Radiesse Treats Laugh Lines

Los Angeles patient before and after her Radiesse injection for the treatment of laugh lines & the early onset of jowls*







One of the signs of aging that is not so obvious to most people are the nasolabial folds (also known as laugh lines) around the mouth and nose.  These lines resemble parenthesis in this area of of the face.

Over time,  these laugh lines become deeper and more pronounced, forming the early signs of jowls.  This makes the face look droopy, older and sadder.

Patient Before Radiesse Treatment for Laugh Line

Los Angeles patient with laugh lines before her Radiesse treatment*








This Los Angeles patient wanted to regain the fullness of her lower face. The deep creases were visible when she smiled. And they were also prominent when her face was at rest.  Dr. Umar used Radiesse as the best option for treating these lines and rejuvenating the face.

Radiesse – What It Is and How It Works

Radiesse is a dermal injection that is made of a compound called calcium hydroxyapatite which is naturally found in our bodies. The actual injection solution, however is made of a synthetic version of this to reduce the risk of allergic reactions.  The Radiesse microspheres provided structural support mimicking the surrounding tissue. This support can be firm (as when it is used for the nose bridge). Or the filler can provide support that is  much softer, as in this case where it is needed to lift the nasolabial folds and reduce the appearance of laugh lines.

Patient Results

Radiesse was quite successful in restoring the youthful fullness in the patient’s face. The results were very natural and  she was quite happy with her outcome.

After Radiesse Treatment for Laugh Line in Los Angeles

Patient is very pleased with the outcome of her Radiesse treatment for laugh lines*







Choosing among the different dermal fillers available often depends on the goals and properties of each one. A good doctor will be able to make an appropriate recommendation.