Dark circles & wrinkles under eyes

What To Do When You Start Noticing Dark Circles and Lines Under Your Eyes

One of the first signs of aging that most people notice is under the eyes. This is also known as the tear troughs. The skin in this region is quite delicate. And so is the soft tissue beneath it. Signs of atrophy become subtly apparent in these areas. This includes: (1) volume loss in the

Non-Surgical Cheek Lift| Patient Photos- Radiesse

Non Surgical Cheek Lift With Radiesse in Los Angeles Patient

This Los Angeles patient underwent a non surgical cheek lift with a Radiesse procedure to achieve subtle refinements on her face. She also wanted to improve the appearance of her sunken tear troughs.  Another target areas was to address the marionette lines which had developed around her mouth. Radiesse is very unique compared to many

Los Angeles Celebrity Jennifer Aniston May Be Using Radiesse

Jennifer Aniston is considered to be one of Hollywood’s best looking stars. In fact, in 2011 at age 42, she was named Hottest Woman of All Time by Men’s Health, beating out other famous beauties like Marilyn Monroe and even Angelina Jolie. Jennifer Aniston and Botox Usually when celebrities look younger than their actual age,

Patient With Deep Laugh Lines Before Her Radiesse Treatment

Radiesse Eliminates Laugh Lines in Los Angeles Patient-Before and After Video

When it comes to getting rid of wrinkles, most of us think of crows feet, lines under the eyes, frown lines or forehead wrinkles.  But laugh lines around the sides of the nose and mouth can also make the face look older and sadder. They also indicate the early onset of jowls.   The experience

Radiesse| Filling Laugh Lines Around Nose & Mouth

Los Angeles Radiesse Treats Laugh Lines & Rejuvenates Lower Face

            One of the signs of aging that is not so obvious to most people are the nasolabial folds (also known as laugh lines) around the mouth and nose.  These lines resemble parenthesis in this area of of the face. Over time,  these laugh lines become deeper and more pronounced,

Non-Surgical Solution For Jowls on Jawline| Before Radiesse Treatment

Los Angeles Radiesse For Jowls and Undereye Area-Before and After

Radiesse is a dermal filler with unique properties. Not only does it fill in wrinkles, it also offers the ability to make structural corrections as well. The Radiesse injection gel is made of calcium hydroxyapatite particles. Once it is injected below the skin, it can be shaped by the physician into the desired form. The

Patient Before Her Radiesse Treatment For Laugh Lines

Los Angeles Radiesse for Laugh Lines – Before and After

This patient in Los Angeles received Radiesse injections to get rid of laugh lines. The movement of muscles in the face due to laughing or smiling can cause the development of creases around the sides of the mouth. Over time, these creases become more deeply etched in the skin. Radiesse is an injection that is

Laugh Lines Treated With Radiesse| Before and After Photos

Los Angeles Patients Before and After Radiesse Treatments for Laugh Lines, Jowls and Undereye Area

Radiesse is a unique, semipermanent dermal filler which works with your skin to fill creases and stimulate the growth of new collagen. It is made of a compound called calcium hydroxyapatite which is found in our bodies. However, the actual particles of the injection gel are lab derived to prevent adverse allergic reactions. Why Radiesse

Bump on Nose| Straightening Procedure With Radiesse

Radiesse As a Non-Surgical Option to Getting a Nose Job

The decision to undergo surgical rhinoplasty is one that requires serious consideration since the procedure is quite costly and the results are permanent. However, if you are not happy with your nose, Radiesse injections might be a suitable alternative to a nose job, but without the surgery. Radiesse – For Improving Facial Contours Radiesse is

Patient Before Radiesse Treatment For Wrinkles

Radiesse Results for Mouth Wrinkles and Frown Lines-Patient Video

This patient was unhappy with the wrinkles around her mouth, and the frown lines between her brows. She didn’t want to undergo Botox, surgery or laser treatments. To rejuvenate her look while respecting her wishes, Dr. Umar used Radiesse.  Not only is Radiesse a cost-effective approach when compared to other dermal fillers, it creates a