Most people are now aware of the damage to the skin that UV rays can cause. Excessive and ongoing exposure can make individuals look older prematurely by damaging collagen in the skin. On a more serious level, UV radiation can also contribute to cancer. However, having a bronze glow is considered to be attractive. So the question of how to achieve this without putting oneself at risk is of great interest to many individuals. Lying out in the sun for long periods is a pastime that any dermatologist would issue a warning against. Although many people enjoy going to the beaches here in Los Angeles, it is not a good idea to forego the application of sunscreen.

Tanning Beds

Tanning devices also entail the risks of premature aging and skin cancer as they emit dangerous levels of UV rays. In California teens under 18 are banned from using tanning devices.

The Dermatologist and Medical Perspective on Spray Tans

So if tanning salons and sun bathing are ruled out, then what is a safe way to get a tan? Many people felt that spray tans provide the best way to darken one’s skin. Based on new findings, the dermatologist perspective on this method has also changed. Spray tans contain a chemical called DHA (dehydroxyacetone). Although it is not absorbed into the skin to affect the body, breathing it in can present problems internally. DHA is a chemical that interacts with amino acids on the surface of the skin to create a darker color. Once it enters the lungs, it can travel to many areas within the body through the bloodstream. The concern that a dermatologist or other medical expert would have is the risk that DHA can alter the DNA of cells and cause cancer. While no formal research has proven this causal relationship, this information has been based on cell research from mice, salmonella and bacteria.

Finding Non-Toxic Spray Tan Alternatives

If you are interested in safer ways to get a tan, you may want to look into products that do not have DHA, as there are organic alternatives that can be explored. You can conduct a general Google search and look at reviews from other customers to help you make the best decisions on which ones to use.  Also it is a good idea to get the input of your dermatologist.

Dangers of Spray Tan

Safer tanning options during warm summer months here in Los Angeles is a good topic to discuss with a dermatologist