Botox seems to be everywhere. Not only in medical clinics and doctors’ offices, but also in ordinary day spas and other such establishments. People tend to think, because it’s non-surgical and not permanent, that anyone licensed to administer Botox will do so safely and effectively. However, this is not the case. Finding a dermatologist or other such practitioner with a medical school background and board certification is going to be the best Botox doctor, and the key to a successful treatment.

What A Dermatologist Can Offer with Regard to Botox

A dermatologist understands the physiological mechanism of Botox injections, as well as having a medical knowledge of the functioning of certain muscle groups. A background in dermatology or plastic surgery greatly helps to minimize risk of side effects. It also aids in maximizing the outcome with regard to the muscle structure and facial anatomy of each individual patient.

People who complain of droopy eyelids or eyebrows post surgery, stinging in the eyes, or blurred vision may have had a poorly administered Botox injection. Though the results of a botched injection are temporary, the patient still has to pay for the treatment and live with the outcome for up to four months.

Finding the Right Dermatologist for Botox

Aside from the obvious certifications and licensing, you want to make sure the doctor has the skill and experience to administer Botox properly. This means you should find before and after photographs and/or videos of the doctor’s prior patients.

Also, some medical offices will appoint Botox injections to a nurse or physician’s assistant, which is okay as long as you have consulted with the doctor and as long as he or she is present for the injection. It is additionally beneficial to be treated by a dermatologist in the event of adverse reactions or side effects. In this type of situation, you will receive better long-term care, as the accountability is much higher with a certified M.D. or D.O.