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Fraxel DUAL Melasma Treatment Improves Uneven Complexion

If you are currently suffering from the appearance of melasma on your face or body, there are numerous treatments to improve your uneven complexion and hyperpigmentation. The most popular and effective cosmetic treatments are topical solutions with hydroquinone and laser procedures such as Lutronic Spectra, Fraxel re:fine and Fraxel DUAL melasma treatment. Dr. Umar at

Melasma Resolved Through Laser Skin Treatment

Melasma is not a dangerous or harmful condition, but many find it cosmetically displeasing. It is the occurrence of hyperpigmentation, similar to freckles, but larger and patchier in appearance. Melasma results from high concentrations of melanin in the skin, which can occur for various reasons, including: -Genetic predisposition -Hormone fluctuation (especially involving estrogen and progesterone)

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Skin Toning, Peeling and More With the Versatile Spectra Laser

The Spectra Laser by Lutronic is able to effectively remove a wide array of unwanted skin issues and treat both the face and body, allowing dermatologists to address wrinkles, pigmentation, vascular issues and acne scars. Results are considered comparable and even superior to chemical peels. Features of the Spectra Laser The Spectra laser is one

How to Choose the Right Sunscreen

Although we are advised to wear sunscreen on a daily basis to protect our skin from wrinkles and sun damage, choosing the right product can be confusing because there are so many factors to consider.   Concepts like of SPF, UVA and UVB protection are not intuitive. Most people only have a vague understanding of what these

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Cause and Effect: What is Melasma?

This very common skin condition involves dark patches appearing usually on the face, but sometimes on the arms. It often appears on women who are pregnant, as well as women taking oral contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy. Typically the patches vanish after pregnancy or after you stop taking the contraceptive or hormone medications. A variant