Information On Vitamin C| Collagen and Elasticity

Supplement Your Wrinkle Treatment Efforts With Vitamin C

Collagen is a protein fiber that is important for maintaining your skin’s firmness.  It is considered to be a type of  intracellular “glue” that holds together various structures within the body.  Wrinkle treatment results often depend on having high amounts of healthy collagen. However, your body needs to have the necessary building blocks available in

Removing Rosacea and Redness with the Perfecta Vbeam

If you have been diagnosed with any condition of the skin that has created redness from broken and/or inflamed blood vessels, the best  treatment is a vascular laser known as the Perfecta Vbeam. With the ability to ease redness, Vbeam can be utilized to remove irritation left behind from acne and for spider veins on the body and

Fraxel re:store and Actinic Keratosis Treatment

The Fraxel re:store laser treatment is FDA certified for the treatment of actinic keratosis (AKs).  These is a common precancerous occurrence in the skin and it is caused by sun exposure.  Many people falsely assume AKs only affects the face. However, it can set in anywhere on your body.  In a clinical study of 21

Photos of Los Angeles Patient's Fraxel Repair Results

Fraxel Repair Solutions

One of the most popular fractional lasers is Fraxel Repair. Fraxel Repair is a revolutionary laser treatment that has the capabilities to correct deeper wrinkles, tighten skin, and remove years from a person’s appearance. Much more safer, effective, and comfortable than other surgical procedures, Fraxel Repair has life changing benefits for people of all skin

Fraxel Lasers VS. Fractional Lasers

This week in our blog, we are going to focus on the three different Fraxel lasers-Fraxel Repair CO2, Fraxel Restore 1550, and Fraxel Thulium 1927. Fraxel lasers are used to correct wrinkles, tighten saggy skin, soften frown lines, and improve age spots, sunspots, or other sun-induced areas. But before we go into detail about each

Acne Scarring| New Hope With Lasers

Clear 100 as a Solution for Acne And Skin Rejuvenation

Like patients, located in Santa Monica of Los Angeles, California, who has not been able to comply with strict acne treatments for their own lifestyle reasons, Clear 100 is the solution. Clear 100 is as non-laser, dual wavelength, skin rejuvenation technology. Specifically designed to cosmetically enhance and revitalize the appearance of aging skin, Clear 100