Dr. Umar made an appearance on KCAL 9 to share easy tips to prevent the extent of hair loss.

Hair loss can happen in two ways:

  1. Breakage of the hair shaft
  2. Release of the hair shaft from the roots

Although the main cause lies in our genetics, there are ways we can minimize the progression of hair loss.

Vitamins and Nutrients

Vitamins and nutrients help to keep our body’s internal process working in a state of optimal health. And this contributes to the well being of our hair follicles.

Important nutrients include:

  • Biotin and iron, which is found in vegetables like spinach and broccoli
  • B12 which is found in meats but can also be taken as a supplement
  • Omega 3 which creates a protecting coating around the hair shaft. Salmon is a great source of this oil
  • Protein, which is an important building block for the hair. Beans are an example of a good protein source.


Sun Protection

Just as the sun’s rays can damage the skin, it can also facilitate hair loss. UV rays can damage the protective coating around the hair. Dr. Umar advises individuals to wear hats to protect their hair, especially in the hot summer months. Also sunscreen is not just for the skin anymore. There are now hair conditioners and hair sprays which have sunscreen to help protect the hair.


Rogaine can slow down the progression of hair loss. It is an over the counter topical treatment that is approved by the FDA.  30% of people who use the product will experience actual hair growth.

Hair Loss Treatment For Patients In Los Angeles

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