Although Botox is commonly used as a wrinkle treatment, it can also be applied for the correction droopy eyebrows.

According to Los Angeles dermatologist,  Dr. Umar, the tail of the eyebrows descends with age in some individuals. This is due to the weakening of connective tissue and skin around the eyes which is a tendency that is typically rooted in family genetics.

Muscles usually work in pairs.  For every direction of muscle movement, there is another set of muscles which are responsible for acting in the opposite direction. This concept is important for understanding how Botox can lift the eyebrows.

When Botox is injected below the tail of the eyebrow, it relaxes the depressor muscle that pulls this section of the brow downwards. The opposite elevator muscles automatically raise the brow.

This Los Angeles patient is an example of how Botox can be injected by a dermatologist to raise the eyebrows for a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance. Here are before and after pictures:

Botox For Lifting the Eye Brows

Los Angeles patient before and after receiving Botox injections by her dermatologist*

Raising the eyebrows is entirely option. Some patients may not want this look. But those who do can actually decide how high they want them to be. Placing the point of injection right below the tail of the eyebrow can create a lift between 1-3mm.

While Botox is offered in many Los Angeles locations by non-medical practitioners, it is imperative for patients to choose a board certified dermatologist to avoid unwanted consequences. A medical specialist has a thorough understanding of facial anatomy and understands how to use these principles to achieve the right outcome for the patient as well as to minimize the risk of side effects.

While many of us think of wrinkles as being a priority when it comes to improving the appearance, it is also important to realize the role of the eyebrows in facial aesthetics as well.