Earlobe Keloid Scar Removal

Earlobe Keloid Scar Removal – Amazing Patient Results

Earlobe Keloid Scar Removal: This patient was left with a Keloid on her earlobe after getting a piercing. After failed steriod injection attempts to remove the Keloid, she came to Dr. U for help. She was extremely satisfied with the Earlobe Keloid Scar Removal procedure. A keloid is a raised scar made of collagen that grows over normal skin.

Split Earlobe Repair Corrects Earlobe Damage

Wearing earrings and other jewelry is a common way of accessorizing and adorning oneself for special occasions or even everyday activities. But sometimes, body jewelry can cause complications by pulling the piercing and stretching it wider than intended. This can take place due to particularly heavy jewelry, the earrings being pulled on or ripped out

Split Earlobe Repair Services|Office of Dr. U - Los Angeles & South Bay

Earlobe Repair Procedure – Before and After

Patient with a split ear lobe from the use of earrings. Los Angeles dermatologist, Dr. Umar performed the repair under local anesthetic. The procedure lasted only 30 minutes with the patient fully awake. Sutures are removed in 7 days. Here are the results after the split ear underwent repair: Individuals in the Los Angeles area