There are so many cosmetic therapies, products, and enhancements, it’s hard to keep up. Even when deciding Botox is the wrinkle treatment you want, there is yet more research to do as far as doctors, clinics, side effects, cost, and so on. And to make matters worse, Botox injections are now available in many places, many of them grossly under-qualified to perform this procedure. While it is non-surgical and minimally invasive, it is still a delicate procedure affecting the nerve signals and muscles in the face. It is not to be taken lightly.

Follow These Tips to Your Clinic of Choice

Presenting to the best Botox clinic you can find is pivotal in getting the results you want. Keep a look out for the following signs of a trustworthy clinic.

  1. It is a medical facility, not a day spa or a salon, and NEVER an online do-it-yourself kit. Although aestheticians can become licensed to administer Botox, that doesn’t mean they should, or that they are the best.
  2. The facility has a board certified physician doing the Botox injections. An M.D. or D.O. has a vast medical history and knowledge of the human body. This will best serve a Botox patient because the doctor knows exactly where to inject the serum, and understands the physiological event that takes place once it is injected. At some clinics, the doctor will delegate this procedure to the nurse or physician’s assistant; however, he or she should still be present to oversee the injection.
  3. They offer a medical evaluation prior to injecting Botox. It is important for the doctor to see you beforehand, and not just shoot Botox into your forehead when you walk through the door. It is more than just a simple wrinkle treatment. Knowing the variances in your facial anatomy and your medical history will reduce the risk of unwanted side effects. If the Botox “runs” from the use of too many units, is injected a millimeter off, or an allergic reaction occurs, it is possible to experience droopy eyelids, double vision, difficulty breathing, seizures, and many other adverse reactions. Serious side effects require medical attention.
  4. They strictly use Botox from Allergan. It is important to verify that this is true, because some places buy highly concentrated Botox from obscure sources and dilute it themselves in order to cut costs. This type of Botox is usually used for research and testing on animals.
  5. They have “before and after” pictures or videos of prior patients that they will gladly show you. This proves that they know what they’re doing, have continual success, and that you are in good hands. Any clinic who says they don’t keep that sort of documentation may be hiding something—move along to the next place.