Surgical Repair of Split Earlobes| Before & Afte Photos

Remarkable Repair of Torn Earlobes – Before and After Video

Many women enjoy wearing earrings on a regular basis. However, with heavier pieces, there is the chance of developing a split in one or both of the earlobes. The patient in this video is an example. A tear formed in her left earlobe. However, she underwent surgical repair performed by Dr. U. As a result,

Split Earlobe Repair| Los Angeles Female Patient

Split Earlobe Repair Results For Los Angeles Patient

Split earlobes are a common issue that occurs in those who have their ears pierced. The initial hole becomes elongated when heavy earrings pull them downward. However the reason why earlobes actually split have been somewhat of a mystery. This is because there are women in other countries who wear heavy gold earrings and end up

Split Earlobe Repair Corrects Earlobe Damage

Wearing earrings and other jewelry is a common way of accessorizing and adorning oneself for special occasions or even everyday activities. But sometimes, body jewelry can cause complications by pulling the piercing and stretching it wider than intended. This can take place due to particularly heavy jewelry, the earrings being pulled on or ripped out