Botox Users Beware: 6 Signs of the Wrong Botox Doctor

Botox Users Beware: 6 Signs of the Wrong Botox Doctor

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Botox injections seem simple enough. They stick you with the little needle, in goes the magical serum, out comes the new, wrinkle-free you—right? Wrong. It is not that simple, though the easy affordability and accessibility of Botox have made it seem so. Nowadays, people with little-to-no medical background can become licensed to administer Botox, and there are even DIY kits available online. The existence of these options does not, however, mean they are safe. Heeding these five warning signs may save you from 4 months of droopy eyelids or some other adverse side effects.

Subpar qualifications

A certified, licensed M.D. or D.O. should perform your Botox injections, or at least be present when his/her physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner does it instead. The best Botox doctor will be certified in dermatology or plastic surgery. Anyone licensed to administer Botox who is not a practicing doctor and is without the proper medical background should be avoided. Anyone who says he or she is board certified in cosmetic surgery or cosmetic procedures is lying; as such board certifications do not exist. Be sure the practitioner’s claims are valid and that his/her qualifications hold up under scrutiny.

The location/establishment is questionable

Day spas, salons, online Botox kits—all should be avoided. Generally, certified doctors practice at hospitals or clinics. You should never administer Botox injections on yourself.

Lacking experience

If a dermatologist or other such doctor has never administered Botox, do not elect to be his/her guinea pig. Find a doctor with experience to minimize risk and maximize the outcome.

Lacking proof/testimony

It is okay to ask for proof in videos or photos of prior patients from before and after. It’s also important to heed patient testimony. It’s fishy if a doctor says he/she has no photographic proof of prior success, as they should always document treatment for medical purposes. And if you read somewhere that a patient would never use that doctor again, go elsewhere. The proof is in the pudding.

Avoids clear communication

If it seems like your doctor is hiding something, not being completely honest, or is even over-promising take heed. A physician should always be open and forthcoming with your prospective treatment and any health concerns you have. Even if you think your barrage of questions is annoying, your doctor should be able to answer them, or at least be willing to find the answer.

Their Botox is not from Allergan

Through transparent communication, you were able to find out that they get Botox from some obscure distributor of botulinum toxin and dilute it themselves to cut costs. Go elsewhere for your treatment. This clinic wins points for being honest, but you should only trust Botox from Allergan for safe dosage amounts.