This week in our blog, we are going to focus on the three different Fraxel lasers-Fraxel Repair CO2, Fraxel Restore 1550, and Fraxel Thulium 1927. Fraxel lasers are used to correct wrinkles, tighten saggy skin, soften frown lines, and improve age spots, sunspots, or other sun-induced areas. But before we go into detail about each laser, many patients in areas like Culver City in Los Angeles, California, have been confusing Fraxel lasers with other types of fractional lasers. Today, we will first address this major issue that patients should understand before choosing a treatment.

Many people have heard of fractional lasers but are not as familiar with Fraxel lasers. Most patients, like those in Culver City of Los Angeles, California, do not know that although Fraxel lasers are fractional lasers, not all fractional lasers are actually the Fraxel technology. Fractional lasers are used in cosmetic procedures. They are ablative, meaning they vaporize skin on the surface, removing the top-most layers of the skin. However, they ablate the tissue only in small areas, leaving the surrounding areas unaffected. Fraxel lasers do the same as fractional lasers but much more. They are able to treat sun damage spots, wrinkles, age spots on the face, neck, chest, hands, arms, legs, and back; certain types of melasma, acne scarring and surgical scars. Fraxel lasers can even improve the fines lines around the eye and eyelids including frown lines, improve skin texture and town, and reduce precancerous lesions by replacing damaged skin with new skin. Although not as effective on redness, Fraxel lasers work very well on brown pigment and other brown spots.


This Los Angeles Fraxel Dual patient experienced improvements with age spots, skin texture and pores. Fraxel lasers resolve many skin issues.*

Even though both fractional lasers and Fraxel lasers are extremely similar, Fraxel is the standard that is best for patients. Many clinics call their fractional lasers ,  Fraxel lasers even though they are Fraxel brand which is the industry standard for fractionated lasers. Patients actually seeking the real Fraxel laser for there treatment should verify if the clinic claiming to have the “fraxel laser” is actually is actually referring to the real Fraxel laser that is manufactured by Solta medical or they are referring to another less recognized brand of fractionated laser such as the Active FX, Mixto etc. Patients looking for top quality fractional lasers to remove their wrinkles, acne scarring, frown lines, age spots, and improve their skin tone and texture, Fraxel lasers are the way to go. Dr. Umar at FineTouch Dermatology, located near Culver City in Los Angeles, California, is one of the few doctors in all of Southern California who carries all three Fraxel lasers by Solta medical Come take advantage of the free consultation and see which Fraxel laser can help you.