Like patients, located in Santa Monica of Los Angeles, California, who has not been able to comply with strict acne treatments for their own lifestyle reasons, Clear 100 is the solution. Clear 100 is as non-laser, dual wavelength, skin rejuvenation technology. Specifically designed to cosmetically enhance and revitalize the appearance of aging skin, Clear 100 uses a unique combination of pure light wavelengths.

Understanding Clear 100 Procedures For Better Skin and Freedom From Acne

Although there are other acne treatments and skin rejuvenation medications such as Juvederm or Restylane, some patients such as those living in Santa Monica in the greater part of Los Angeles, California, still choose to stick with Clear 100. Clear 100 is a series of treatments—each session lasting about 20 minutes. The technology uses carefully tuned light energy for optimum effectiveness. During each session, a blue light wavelength decreases micro-inflammation around skin cells caused by harmful stimuli from the outside such as sunlight. At the same time in order to really create maximal treatment for acne and/or skin rejuvenation results, an infrared wavelength dilates tiny blood vessels in the skin to increase the supply of oxygen to the treated areas. The blend of blue and infrared wavelengths maximizes results in a minimal number of treatment sessions. The dual wavelength of the Clear 100 treatment provides non-invasive, anti-aging skin treatment combined with a series of light treatments for a complete skin care regimen designed to enhance and maintain the results of the acne treatment and/or skin rejuvenation procedure.

Clear 100 Photodynamic Therapy For Acne|Treatment That Works

Photodynamic, Clear 100 and laser acne treatment can help save time for those with busy lifestyles.*

Achieving over 70% of clearing on inflammatory lesions in up to one-third the time of traditional acne treatments and skin rejuvenation methods, Clear 100 does not have any side effects. In contrast to intense pulsed light systems or other topical therapies that cause redness, irritation, and/or peeling, it is no surprise many people still choose Clear 100 over other treatments. So if you are looking for an alternative for acne treatments and skin rejuvenation procedures, stop by FineTouch Dermatology, located near Santa Monica in Los Angeles, California to see if Clear 100 is best for you.